First Halloween wheel pulls

My first pull :c
What did you pull?


My guess is got lucky in stash pull I did 7 pulls so far from there

Have not pulled, because I only get shovels from raids and couldnt complete the roadmap.

Like i have 70 tokens right now

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Why not seven pulls give seven sets of tokens?

It’s like saying tossing a coin 7 times won’t give 7 heads. It will, occasionally


there is this crate also and there was a $8 deal today that you can pay 2

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Yes, people really are that lucky. Whether you believe the game purposely screws you or not, there are plenty of examples of extraordinary luck on this forum.

And on a scale of extraordinary luck, pulling 7 items from a 20 items stash probably doesn’t rank highly

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Sorry it was a $9 deal you spend $18 that’s 4 more tokens right there

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Well I’m responding anyway. If my maths is right, it’s a 0.16% (less than 1 in 1000, so rare but expected in a game played by hundreds of thousands of people) chance of 7 tokens from 7 pulls. I’ve done 7 myself so that’s possible.

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By my calculations could have spent and did upwards of 15 pulls already

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Say what you want, but I’m more than satisfied :smiley:


He is awesome, epic revive!

Yeah. And finally a Axel for me with more than 3* :slight_smile:

Congrats man, i wouldnt be angry either if i pull him

I am not cheating, bought 3 offers, 2 with 40 tokens and 1 with 15 tokens


Now I just need Davie and Yellow Sawyer and this is the Best Event of all time for me :grin:

I was just lucky

Fun fact, the likelihood of getting those flips in that exact order is the same as getting all heads or all tails. Perception is how our mind chooses what’s fair and what isn’t.


I just would like to say we’re all forgetting that no matter the speed of his pull, the pull was still less than decent.

im close to pulling myself but i am not holding out for anything decent this event

Scopely has basically muddied up the WD tokens with spooky tokens and a stash…basically given the same event with less better toons with stages/tiers to claiming them.

its a very poor showing

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I got Red Neegan (not worth a photo ;))
I had low expectations so not too disappointed , at least he kinda looks cool

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