First faction Level Up


With one day left on the first faction level post transfers, where is everyone at? Just curious to see the new landscape. Here is Wilkinson


This is kind of proving the posts from earlier in the week man. Those are some crazy scores. Impressive.


I’d move if I could but Scopely still didn’t open my region up.


That’s a sister faction.


Competetive what else may I say. Lowndes is a very competetive region after transfers.


Love it


I find it insane what people will do just to finish first when the rewards are never worth the effort or come even close to replacing what was spent to put up scores like that. Congratulations you are doing exactly what they want you to do. Now if you take a look over here at this food and trainer deal… :rofl:


You assume any of us spent money on offers for this. Have done my 3 million without a single coin. I have prepped and saved, all for free. What happened here is we finally got the gear refresh in museum and can t4 up to 3 6 stars which are worth 1 million each on tier 4


I’d hate to be in a region like that. Total monopoly by the top faction.


There hasn’t been near enough leashes yet (through free methods) to claim all 6 GPS/canteens though. So maybe not money spent directly on offers, but most definitely spent elsewhere either through the gear, the toons actually being leveled or both.

Not you specifically, I’ve no doubt a handful of players hit that through prep alone, but I would be highly suspect of a faction built entirely of P12/13s putting up 77mil for “free”


To each their own but prizes aren’t even close to being worth those scores


Like i have said before. They are here to dominate the region, which is whatever. It’s not like its against the rules. 1st place 2nd place and 4th place is all of their crew. Only illuminati can compete against them. That’s just for level up too. Come war and it will be eye opening for everyone else in the region and they are gonna bounce off of Wilkinson
If it matters just as eye opening. The raid event 1st, 2nd and 3rd is their crew too.


Yes there has. Between sr level up and raid I bought all 6 already


Indeed… Feed us scraps and people still go crazy. Rewards will never be good in this game.

We have a level up 3 times a week, people need to stop lying talking about they prepped. No, you paid for trainers and new toons :joy::joy::joy:

Museum events are directly tied to milestones so don’t say you took off a few level ups to save gear. That’s a lie, you need those milestones to get the gear.

Just saying :grin:

But there are some serious farmers in this game, I just don’t have the time or patience to play all day.


Not prep’d?

Farm every day and you can keep a training ground running non stop.

Need gear, war alot and earn world cans. Use these to farm gear.

Have more gear than you need, use those world cans farm and queue a second training ground.

I buy toons, yes, but that’s to buy toons. Only direct spending I’ll do is to coin a scav at the end of a level up.

As far as toon availability. I have droves sitting on the bench from when I pulled the 30 I had saved in 5s tokens.


We are all sad you let the timers run out. Please start another set of training and let it reach 10,000 :rofl:

Had the same issue around transfer time, let mine timeout but only at on 2,000. Rookie mistake :sleeping:


Me too. Got lazy pre transfers. Oh well. That’s why there’s 4 total.


That’s a lot of shirts and gloves. Jeez.


Verderwisp (sp) has shown a training ground before in the 20k range…and growing.


Somewhat close