First Event walker

Hi there ,

Anyone know if This first event is a solo or a faction évent please ? Ty

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An answer please or Nobody know ??

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It’s a solo event

It’s not clear yet if faction lock will be in place this weekend or not. I expect additional communication tomorrow or possibly Thursday.

It will be a faction event because one of the main draws is that there will be a faction card pack that the whole faction works towards to improving and opening. It will contain i belive 3 cards of varying rarity. I will not be surprised if this event is used to grind out solo and faction trophies because there is a good chance that there will not be any milestone or rank rewards. I might be wrong because i made this conclusion on the sole reason that vk has not leaked any rewards because there is no rewards. There is also the beta region that did have milestones and rewards so they might include something good for the first event if there will be rank rewards.