First entry on arena costs ticket now!

First gloves and shirts, then removing the farmability, i may have made up this word, of the gear maps and now arenas cost ticket to enter : ( I know they already acknowledged the gear maps, although still a question mark about gloves and shirts, but is this how it was intended? This kind of small stuff really effect the game play Scopley and makes me wanna smash my phone to the floor! Is it possible that you guys also look into this please?

Maybe its because of the league you are in? My arena is still free on this entry

Hey, what’s your league? Because last ones didn’t cost me one for first entry so this comes off as a bit of a shock!

Im in plat 5

probably going to be stuck here for eternity too

Omg i just force closed the app and it says free now? Dang onslaught! Don’t mind me people, false alarm hides the face yeaaah nothing to see here! I seriously panicked if arenas got nerfed too though ahahah

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Onslaught makes my game glitchy too

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