Firewood p2p event?

@JB.Scopely is the firewood given out daily or is this a p2p event? Also, please give us a gear collection event, it has been talked about quite a bit. Canteens and GPS are hardly given out as rewards and we need them to continue playing this game, otherwise more and more people will start platueing and lose interest. Do something proper about the gear shortage. Thank you.


yeah im out of wood nowhere to get it for free. so another useless event, yay… :rofl:

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Free offer every couple days or so?

We’ll likely see them as rewards for SR, raid, or LU event this Monday after war ends. Players who’ve been collecting firewood from the free offer and the first LU of Thanksgiving should be fine when it comes to completing the daily and bi-daily roadmap refresh.


dunno they never explain it to us so it might that we wont get any of those

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Firewood is in the milestones so will be in the level ups and we all know they run plenty of them


I got your wood right here. :wink:


Thanks @Supergirl and @IronandWine !


Must get tired repeating this. Hope by now you just have a copy quick saved for easy access.


It’s given in level up milestones… there’s a level up to arrow giving a total of 280 wood…

Might be in raids too but we haven’t had one yet

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They are cutting it razor thin though.

I did accept the free first day amount, and did the 2 milestones in the 1 day lvl up on friday.

I will be 5 wood short of doing the harvest 2 map that expires tomorrow until I get the milestones for the lvl up that will start after war.

We know $copley and we know what thats all about. Gotta make it possible to do without spending, but have it super tight so a tiny screwup and you need to pay keep up.

So as usual, suuuuuuuper greasy on their part, but at least everyone knows what they are like at this point.

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Yeah I tried a few times the first day to farm but it is not farmable so yesterday I was short on the first map and couldn’t get the wood for completion.

Harvest 2 Map expires on Tuesday. You should have a little over 1 day to collect the firewood from the milestones when the LU goes live before Harvest 2 expires.

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Sucks that you didn’t get the extra firewood on the first day, but this event is amazing so far.

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I got the free wood on the first day, but don’t have enough to complete harvest 2 today. I’m sure i’ll get it in the LU event though. It’s going to be a tight one this time for f2p players, but I’m considering getting extra peas from coins as I really want one of the better toons.

Amazing is a pretty strong word for what little this event has to over, IMHO.

Yes, we’ll most likely get a toon. But I’m not seeing much use in any of them (could work for others though). Plus lots of folks are starved on gear, so they can’t get them up anyways.
Whatever you get from the stash is totally up to rng. Same goes for mods. So we could totally end up with almost nothing worthwhile.

But oh well, I don’t just want to complain. It’s nice, that we get something for our efforts. The event is okayish, but far from amazing in my book.

It’s pretty amazing IMO.

Unlike regular events in the past, players will have 3 characters to choose from, each offering their own different play styles. Not to mention additional rewards from stash/collection. Gear might be a turndown for others, but I personally think gear is overrated. To each his own.


… is by far not enough to cover what we need.


I see where you are coming from. Having control over what toon you can get is a step forward indeed.

And I also agree, that there is nice stuff in the stash. But there are also lots of things, that I consider not so helpful. Problem is, we won’t be able to clear the whole stash without investing a small fortune. I have not gotten anything useful out of yet, so far this has been a letdown for me.

Gear is overrated until you run out of it. I’m in a sweet spot still because I have conserving alot. But there are plenty of players who have reached a state, where they can’t progress any further. May it be because they can’t level up 5*, ascend them to 6* or get 6* to anything higher than tier 1.
Yes you can play with 6* at tier 1. But it’s suboptimal. Peoples’ progress is halted and that is frustrating for them. I see people leave because of it. It’s a problem the devs definitely have to Adress if they don’t want to screw more players over.