Finished first in league, tier remained the same


My coleader finished the fourth stretch in 1st place, he was tier 3. Got ‘promoted’ and is still tier 3. Scopely help has been completely unhelpful, he’s provided screenshots and everything and they tell him he was previously tier 2 when the picture plainly shows he was already tier 3. Anyone else have this issue?


Was he in the t 3 promotion zone? That would explain why he saw no change.


He finished 1st? So it should be a no brainer lol


Unless he was initially mistaken in stretch 3 & was 2 then got promoted to 3. When you are in the promotion zone it tells you that you are in the next tier up as long as you remain, so maybe he thought he had been in 3 in stretch 3? Without pics of it, its hard to say.


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