Finish the X Mas Map

Why i just finish that map and only got 750 snow ball ??? Where i can find another 250 snow ball ??? Am i must repeat again ??? And farming for 1k snowball ???

Farm it they should be dropping in each stage

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Sometimes i feel as if people dont even play the game and pay attention before they start asking a million questions about obvious stuff…


There is no reason to unless you have time to waste.

Thanks everyone, for helping to answer the OP’s question! But yes, @Jlag is correct in that the stages of the first day of Winter Wasteland Roadmaps are farmable, so just keep repeating the stages until you get to 1000.

P/S: don’t forget to claim the collection daily as it resets!

Since that is now answered in full, I will close this thread. Happy hunting! :slight_smile: