"Fine-tuning" Roadmap Schedule

So it’s early next week any word on new “fine-tuned” schedule @JB.Scopely

Or was it just a fob off to diffuse anger about our maps disappearing

It seems other maps are running on schedule so maybe there fine-tuning was just to remove weapon parts map to make survivors club more attractive?

Eagerly awaiting your response…


they fine tuned the gear maps to make it easier to buy the gear now instead of doing maps,


Although this is funny and sadly true I’m not sure it’s productive rather see a response from scopely about when there announcement on this “fine-tuning” is expected

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i know, sorry, couldnt resist

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Turning it from a reasonably reliable schedule rotation into utter chaos and confusion could be perceived as “fine tuning”, if that was the effect they were going for…

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Sounds like scopely logic to me but still better than restricted access for non survival club members which is what I expect.

Well they ‘fine tuned’ the xp map away a day early


Yep, It used to run for 48 hours, now it runs for 12 right through the UK night, that’s some damn fine tuning there boys!!


grab popcrons



Apologies it took a bit more time than anticipated.

The new schedule is just about ready, and will go live tomorrow, November 11/14/18.

We will publish additional information within the game itself, through a banner to be displayed when the new schedule takes effect, along with a full blog post with exhaustive details.
The blog post will be reposted on the forums, so it can always been consulted at will.

In the meantime, note we’ll run another occurrence of the XP Bootcamp and Ultimate Gear Map, before the new schedule takes over.

Our intentions with the new schedule is to spread out Roadmaps further throughout the week, and avoid the ‘bottleneck’ observed on Thursdays.

#FarewellCanThursday :laughing:

In the crafting and publishing of this new schedule, we’d like to apologise once more for the absence of the Weapon Parts roadmap late last week.


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Annoying but at least its coming back apparently

Thank you :*

Thanks @JB.Scopely for the update and for the apologies re: our weapon parts map disappearance.

For one I will be glad to see the end to Thursday bottleneck as it’s my busiest day of the week.

Look forward to seeing the new schedule in game.

An thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

Yeah probably costs $5 a time though in the new version

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Thursday was the best day of the week! That part sucks but thanks for the rest of the information

Weapons parts wasn’t the only map missing… ultra gear map was too. Do we get an apology for that one too?

What are u expecting rele we got an apology it’s a rarity take the win :stuck_out_tongue:


It seams they figured out that we could farm shirts and gloves from the xp maps so they find tuned that out now lol
Thanks scopely

Maybe for the mess up last week. Give us a couple free gas roadmaps for gear!!