Найдите ошибку! Find the bug!


Поиграем? Найдите Баг на скриншоте! Скриншот реальный не фотошоп! Let’s play? Find the bug in the screenshot! Screenshot real not photoshop!


Rosa is holding lees shotgun…


does your friend use vk?
if so, you just snitched on him, lol


что значит использовал ВК?
what means used vk?


Oh no you discovered the new premier specialist skill



And here it looks in battle))


Your friend is a cheater.


На мой вопрос “Как ты это сделал?” он отвечает “Я не знаю, сам в шоке что так получилось!”
My question is “How did you do it?” he replies, “I do not know myself in shock what happened!”


Well actually he’s probably not a cheater.
I’ve had weapons glitch onto characters before.






1 вопрос: КАК?
1 question: HOW?


It glitched when I just clicked autofill.


Чёртовы дыры в этой игре иногда удивляют)
The damn holes in this game are sometimes surprising)


Heard it through the grapevine, the op is just trying to sell game shit.


It looks like Glenn is using the oar as a shield lmao


I think he tries to use it as crucifix :smiley:


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