Find new opponent for wood



instead of food in raids. What do you guys think?


Great idea!


Love it. Any way to get rid of it is a good thing.


Make it so


YES! LOVE the idea! I don’t even bother to turn mine into anything, I highly encourage players to raid me and take it off my hands :rofl:


Me too haha


Sr gives you tons of wood & no way to get rid of it easy. Especially if your out of stuff in your workshop’s & armories are both being used.


Gear locked at every possible level is the scopely credo.

If you’re out of the other necessary gear when crafting for a special it takes a ton of them and they don’t drop in large enough numbers even when we farm. Once the free dt’s run dry it won’t be so much of an issue going forward.


Yes make it 100k per search please.


With the new update, I don’t have a problem converting wood into mats anymore. With the increased drop rate of everything, everytime I Max out on wood, I have enough mats to make what I need to deplete it.


Let us Raid ppl & if we win, we can choose to dump our mats on them :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


How about being able to turn a certain amount of wood in for food? @kalishane


I think this is a pretty easy way to solve the wood issue. @kalishane will the team consider it?


changing wood into food would be awesome
If your farming enough you should have items to craft grenades and essence in the shop, that gets rid of all my wood.
Wood is useless to me now, all my buildings are maxed out


I want to dump the wood and set it on fire… So I can see the world :fire:


Id do anything to stop seeing that my material storage is full. It legit makes me cranky. Adding a “Never see message again” alone would take away so much resentment lol.


Wood will never be food. Ever try eating a 2x4? It’s awful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This would be way to easy. The wood to search for a raid is a great idea but they also won’t do it. People would just spam search until it was all gone. Were sadly stuck with it.