Honestly just find a new game…I’m playing many different games and my 2 favourites have to be minecraft and pubgm…
Minecraft is a duh awnser…best game ever…number 1 game on the world and its 10 years old…you can do anything with anyone…and you dont have to spend money…other then the 12€…(or free with apk but no multiplayer)
Pubg is a good mobile game as well.
It’s a strategic battle royal…its fun.Its good.Its not boring…For you that want to spend money you can…You can spend it on cosmetics if you want witch I rather that rather then spend anything on this game.
Smooky out


Try raid shadow legends. If anybody wants my referral link so both of us get extra stuff hmu


Excellent game with devs that seem to understand that you can make money and make players happy all at the same time


I hope scopely sees this. I want them to understand that a huge part of their vocal community is going to leave this game coming soon if they don’t start taking action. I’ve watched many already walk away and move on and many more are to come, more than they can bring in.

I have had a few people say this. Maybe it is finally time to try and break this habit.
Needs to be a decent game for a mild spender. Hopefully it can hook me. All other games haven’t.

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Its pretty good man, very similar to this one but the best part is you are not in direct competition with whales in the same manner like this game. If you see a whale defense in high end arenas you can just skip it! and most events reward you for milestones only! The community is also more tight knit and not as toxic as this one. hope you’re ready to grind!


I’ve never minded grinding part of the fun imo.
Just needs to be engaging.
Does it have the same social aspect like RTS?
Factions etc?

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Social aspect honestly in game not as good as this one. Their is a global and clan chat but no inbox feature. There is also clans which work to take down clan boss (similar to fa) but you can do it daily and rewards are pretty sweet

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Thanks bud I’ll give it a shot. :sunglasses:

I’ve been playing Marvel Strike Force for the past couple of weeks, lots of fun, the game actually makes it easier for a new player, it’s literally a night and day comparison to RTS!

I’m currently F2P and am yet to hit a paywall in the game. Admittedly it’s not as sociable as RTS, but I fully recommend it to everyone!

Will be a shame to leave RTS, as I’ve played since launch, but I really feel either Scopely are not listening or more likely they are doing one last cash grab before it goes under!

A shame


It is a shame. But i honestly can’t see any other reason now why they are treating us this way.
May as well start something else now and if RTS does end then u have something to fall back on.
But If by some miracle they take their heads out of their ass and turn things around great. But i highly doubt it. More likely to see pigs flying. :pig:

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This is the best decision of your Life.

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