Finally you found a way

To nerf onslaught and lower the number of cards.

Well done.


Card quantity is lower because the cards are of newer promos.

You left out an important point that the selection of cards are not the same as before.


An important point is that many f2p still collect those cards and onslaught always gave a good boost due to the quantitiy.

Why not keep old boxes and add new boxes and let players choose between both?

Edit: btw clem and mateo same numbers in daily crate, hence why the difference here?


I am fine with the numbers. I like having newer cards in there at lower quantities vs cards at higher quantities that I have no use or desire for


Last time onslaught gave way more Mateo cards than this one. But yeah. Whatever. :poop:

Last onslaught did not have mateo cards. It was only up to Frost, which most high activity players already have. I would much rather have these new cards even if quantity is lower


Can anyone post what are the reward for onslaught?

I dont have pictures but its true it was a lot better before, now how you get “old” cards collection?? I was waiting for this so I can claim my Sclass Frost ,now its gone!!! How do I get it now ,torch road map only??? We barely can play 1 map a week bcs the limit on torches rewards and now I have to choose between less characters, less card amounts and maybe cards that we not even want it now !!! Screwpely never fails in disappointing us ,onslaughter its getting hard to play against crazy op defenses and lots of people are not even playing that much bcs that! So no real incentive to play 4 trys in 30 minutes for 2 days for lousy rewards. Please go back to old rewards system, I dont care if screwpely are giving newer cards when it will take 2 or 3 times longer to complete a collection.

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finish off your old collections with war

With d choice? Or with outclassed 6*?

This being said, i dont think 1% chance for a box with cards is a viable option to finish off your collection.

Thinking about, you must be trolling :slight_smile:

I think I’ll get in trouble if I post from the russian site we shalt not name. But like 50 to 20 of various middle/newer toons. Clem, Tiff, Gent, Shiva, Rick, Mateo. One or two I forgot

I do think a good range of bulk cards for players still chasing old cards to small amounts of new cards would be ideal


The amount of boxes still the same


Damn you scopley, I’m 800 cards from sclass frost and you changed the card rewards? Why not add these to previous crate instead of switching it altogether? Smdh


Scopely finally did something right.
Last 3 onslaught I still have the crates because the toons were useless to me, had them all and double of the best ones. Onslaught had become very grindy with no real reward but few armory tokens.
Finally have crates with people that are newer and can work towards a new S class.


While im glad YOU are doing so well and enjoy the lower number of cards (which equals a longer period of time you need to collect for a newer toon while missing out the opportunity of collecting stuff for an older one), i assume that most people either dont have the majortity of the older toons or would still like to get their hands on the older ones than the new ones.

Of course, this assumption is just made up by me but regarding postings in the forum, most people here claim to be f2p, not spending a dime etc.

Again, most f2p are happy with maybe 3 of the old sclass. How would they benefit from those low numbers?


I was gutted with these rewards I’m working on another Priya so to see she wasn’t in and then working on Rick as well but 20 cards is abysmal amount Who comes up with these crazy amounts just give 50 cards per toon simple

There are so many a class options at this point it just seems silly to offer up a narrow slice one event at a time.


I made an excel list of all Sclass choiceboxes in my inventory, ranking (subjectively) the rariness of the toons and calculating which ones to claim.

I still haven’t completed Raulito, Daiyu or Laopo from the old pack (besides Guo, who I really don’t want either), but as they would be niche (onslaught bleed team, Laopo as melee defense) I don’t really need them popping. I rather focus on what I can get, how fast I can get it and whether it would be of any use…

I’m high activity but don’t have frost yet. Oh well. Love those “most” anecdotal statements.