Finally season 10 episode 15

So thankful they finally gave a release date for the finale of season 10 on oct 4th

of what show

I think he means TWD. Can’t believe there’re still People who look forward to the Show, let alone watch it.


Yeah, Gimple pretty much killed the show in seasons 7&8. Kang has done a decent job with seasons 9 & 10, but too little too late imo

edit: fun fact, tried changing my name in game to Scott Gimple and it wouldnt let me saying it violated terms of service :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I can’t believe people play Saints Row, let alone look forward to playing new games.


Can’t believe that people can’t believe what other people want to do…

The correct term would have been I couldn’t care less what the show/game is about, hence couldn’t care less about the people hooked on watching/playing it…


I don’t know what to believe now


Well, you can believe in fairies :slight_smile:

My 7yo son declared the other day that tooth fairies don’t exist. And I told him that indeed they don’t - as soon as he stops believing in them. Full circle to Peter Pan explaining that fairies die whenever someone declares they don’t believe in them and even watching the scene from the 2003 Disney flick “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!”, I got him shaken in his rationale, hoping to keep his childhood innocence a little longer.

Until my mother-in-law (man, I do dislike that hag, I do! I do!) came and told him that he’s silly to believe in fairies…

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I was mocking him lmao

My bad yea meant twd lol but I still havent interest in twd I liked season 9 and 10 but it was boring there for awhile just sucked covid hit and they couldnt release the last episode on time

I can’t believe you would have done that!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry season 10 episode 15 has been released April 5th

This is season 10 episode 16 which will release october 4th

Oooh, did I heard your Feelings?

No they’re feelings. They can’t be heard.


Wait I thought episode 15 was oct 4th nvm I got the episode numbers wrong

“Yeah fairies wear boots, and you gotta believe me
Yeah, I saw it, I saw it I tell you no lies
Yeah Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
I saw it I saw it with my own two eyes
Woah right now”

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Any time you want to commiserate about in-laws, look me up. I can go for hours, but will only need minutes until you 100% get where I’m coming from.

Well, we never got really well along with the mother -in-law, she was damaged goods from her divorce even before my wife was born, oscillating between loving and caring (in her standards) to being a cold-hearted bitch within a second. I simply learned to ignore her tantrums, her “good advice” and pretty much any opinion she was vocal about, but once my son was born, the trouble started anew…

It culminated when Mikey was 3 - I always spoke English with him, so he grows up bilingual and have an advantage in life and finally was seeing it paying off when he started talking English back to me. Until that hag not only told him she doesn’t understand him what he was saying (as he mixed in English words) but “tell your father to not speak to you funny as noone understands you then”. Needless to say, he blocked himself, refusing to talk English (stopped watching all English cartoons too) for full two years…

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I usually start by simply explaining this:
My mother-in-law’s current husband is #3. We can’t count the guy she lived with for longer than marriage #1 and marriage #2 combined, because she never married him. She met this current husband the day he got out of jail. I don’t know which drunk driving charge this was for him, but it’s 3 or higher. They met in a bar.

Sounds like a person you don’t want your kids to hang around too much. For good reasons…

Mine is unfortunately not easily classifiable as that, the impressons that people tend to make of her are usually neutral or positive, unless they get to know her well and even then they’d mostly think of her as moody or peculiar, not truly evil. But I do know…