Finally S class Kenny is here

Thank you scopley thank you very much for choosing Kenny to be the 5 th year toon.
I really wish he will be a fast command with some good support/ healing rush or Active skill


Hail to the boat god

And just as @TheSteve 's suspension is ending…

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Yes he should be back tomorrow :smiley:

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I can feel his excitement… lets hope sclass Kenneth is actually obtainable or given as anniversary gift… rather than (shudder) Sergio who lot folk didn’t get or those that did wish didn’t…


Yeah true.

Well let’s hope Kenny it’s not nerf by scop! It’s time for a decent toon ,one that we can actually integrate to our teams not to our roster!!

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Any leaks on Kenny’s card? How do people know kenny is being released?

@JDARIPPER617 he’s on the August calendar, that’s all I seen

Any proof? is he in the anniversary box?

Was wondering where the Kenny guy was! :rofl: :rofl:

Ah i see, there he is. Lets hope he give trauma lead :grin:


I would of preferred an event as kenny definitely needs an event the pancake one was amazing and it was a community joke and it’s a similar situation with kenny.

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I thought it was joke but now im curious af…

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It’s August & I don’t see him … ya all smokin’ :roll_eyes:

@TheSteve It’s happening :open_hands:


Kenny is gay @TheSteve


The login rewards go the entire month, and there’s an ‘anniversary box’ on August 27 that’s a mystery what might be inside. Plus, there may be an event completely separate from login rewards :wink:

Kenny is coming. Stay tuned.


I hope to god that he’s a) ftp and b) at least half decent.

But the forum will be fun to watch if he’s not.