Finally Roadmaps!


Thank you for finally giving us something to do! We should have roadmaps up all of the time, with all of the stale downtime finally we have something to engage in! This is a welcome addition :grimacing::heart:


Sounds like the new update will bring a lot more roadmaps which is a good thing i agree. Hope to see more roadmaps like the parts map become a daily thing or at least 2 times a week.


Not sure what asking for weapon parts map to run daily or 2 times a week has to do with 6 stars.


Thought they are discussing new fast rm for equipment, medals and toons. My bad


Well new roadmap update is going to feature imparently up to 20 Roadmaps
I’d imagine gold radio is gonna be on it but what’s cool is that some raid maps have to be unlocked by playing other roadmaps and nightmare mode which adds something to do it may not be persona related but no battle items could be a challenge


No worries I agree that probably won’t be a regular occurrence though.


It’s gonna be pretty amusing if they add up to a possible 20 roadmaps daily up from 6 and they still don’t make a gold radio. That thing has been speculated over for so long it would be the ultimate troll to add all those road maps and still not make one lol.


At least I use workshop for the very first time for crafting stuff not hoarding materials, yeah different restrictions like in SR or FA would be interesting, also only n-Star chars roadmaps could add some value to 4* and even 3*


Stop being so negative, what makes you go good that you can talk down on every post? Bring your negativity elsewhere!


Savage comment :grimacing: lol



Yep, they can do like 20 roadmaps at the same time now and when they do decide to run all 20 it will always be on “Can Thursdays”.