Finally got lucky and pulled a Magna, which mod set should I put on her?


Of defense or HP, which is the better mod set for Blue Magna in your opinion and why?

Just looking for some feedback.

Thanks in advance.


I have her too, imo is Defense all the way.
dmg reduciton is more efective than HP.
I bassically set up
Defense set + Defense Mod + Hp Mod. she holds well.
My leader gives extra Hp.
What does your leader do?


Hp mod set under Erika… But it honestly doesn’t matter if it’s hp or def.

Myself like many others lack gold resist Stun, impair, confuse mods … So without those key mods… It won’t matter much :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I’m thinking attack all the way. Don’t forget to max her ar and active too. :wink:

Obviously, you want to get her def and hp as high as possible so equip either set that gives you the best of both. Don’t forget you also want a confuse resist and a def vs yellow mod on her as well.


What do you find so amazing about the AR and Active? I find that she’s better just defending…


Go def set, def, def vs fast, stun res (vs greens and active stun), either taunt (vs rom, and active taunt) or confuse resist (vs michonne, and active confuse) and i guess graze?


I’ve got a gold stun resist for her. My real issue is the trait mod. The only spare one I had for defense is crit chance, which is useless for her.


I don’t have stun resist and i applied Taunt resist.

truth is there will always be sth to counter her.
the good part is that they have to spend on her. So just make her as TANKY as possible.


Which ever set has the best stun and confuse resist


Preferably def bc when she defends she is getting +50 def. so, that on top of having an extra 1000 def from mods, +40 def from lead skill and hopefully 30+ def on her weapon… she’s a nasty bitch.


Thanks guys.

I’ve got hp, def vs fast, stun resist, def while stunned (until I get something better) and taunt resist.


defense mods>hp mods. 2 of 3(stun resist, confuse resist and taunt resist) would benefit her as far as active skill and weapon specials counters. if behind erika alot will use siddiq and blue chonne, so confuse resist probably best. for lydia or blue garrett you will probably see melee attk squads so stun resist will be beneficial. also dont forget yellow roman has taunt and he has been in the token wheels 2 straight times.

btw, congrats!


Def and HP boosts are roughly equivalent. +10% def will extend a characters life by about the same amount as +10% HP. Since mods are not percentage, you should boost the lower stat of the two. (For example 1000 def to 1500 def will have a bigger impact than 2000 hp to 2500 hp)


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