Finally Got 6* Wyatt


@Lockdown i finally got him dude working on huge bonus to ap when taking damage and stun and maybe high Def or Atk let me know what i should pick but anyways here he is


Congrats man! I enjoy using him! Personally going for AP down.
Lockdown got stun on his today!


I got real lucky on my weapon after like 5 goes. Pretty happy!

Probably adding AP on attack and 30% HP. I have seen a lot of combos that people talk about getting and I don’t think any are wrong, it’s mainly just down to personal preference.

My choices are so if he is ignored he will rush earlier & gain from Hold the line, however if he is focused Shiva will have more space. %HP so that his bonus HP is boosted, he gains DEF from hold the line as well as Zeke.


Didnt think about ot like that but congrats on the stun im unlocking slayer 3 as we speak but got 30 crit for huge bonus to ap when taking damage so that hes ignored then uses his skill


I think it depends on each persons set up. I have stun on shiva and Carl plus one more stun on attached so I would go with stun on attack however if someone has a few ap down that is the better way to go. I think the combo of more then one is really the key. 1 stun sword isn’t terrible but come across 4 of them it’s a problem. Same with ap down. 1 u can just avoid attack but when u have 3 of 4 much harder to charge ap when each toon forces -30ap.


How many tries it took to get stun? I am always weary of using DT and PK on bound weapons.

I can ascend one more and its a choice between either a second Tyrese or Wyatt - cant make up my mind!


Remember to upgrade his weapon with defense-based modifications first, then focus on upgrading the harpoon’s attack. Wyaat’s a nice tanky fella, but he has a good damage output with his Adrenaline Rush.

By the way, Wyaat at his final Tier reminds me a lot of that “It’s wednesday, my dudes” guy. Can’t help but imagining him screaming when using his AR.


Faced a lot of Wyatt last CRW.

IMO greens need defense and stun, nothing else works.

AP down worked before everyone had T3 6* Boobs and Shiva

I think it was 3 CRW ago when I was first seeing T3 Wyatt with AP down and those teams were pretty tanky.

But now, with t3 instead of T2 Boobs, Wyatt is easily killed, as are most greens without tanky weapons.

I saw a lot of AP when taking damage last CRW and IMO it is completely ineffective, but slightly better than when used on blues

It’s a decent plan, however I would advise DEF over HP. Greens need all the defense they can get.

I was killing T4 shivas using T3 boobs in the first round last CRW, greens need lots of help, IMO defense is the best help.


I went for AP down first then 4 tries to get stun. I don’t think I would have tried too much longer even though I am not specifically attempting any weapons right now. Just going for fun variation attempts. Happy I didn’t have to waste too much on it.


Yea pretty much this. This makes my 4th Stun on attack, the combo of lots of stuns is great on attack and I am sure a bit annoying at the very least on defence.


Lots of stuns on defense and lots of AD and guardian 2 is the only thing that defends top CRW facs IMO.

Coins and activity level seems to be the only thing that matters in CRW, my region has mostly gone F2P but when enough actives have coins, they can win against most of the top CRW teams.

But gathering up 8 willing coiners for a single match isn’t as easy as it was in early 2016. People don’t even want to bother watching Tapjoy anymore