Finally! Exactly what we've been asking for all this time!

As long as they arent nightmare and can use items it shouldn’t be very hard



1 s class shard.

Soon as I read the collection item details I had some unpleasant imagery going through my head … yuck!


Im just back from a 4 day b word so have to tread carefully.
This event will be fu… errrm it will be poo

I am dead! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: this is pure gold!

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely @Andrea_Scopely @ForumAdmin @ForumModerator you guys should take this to the team :grin:

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OMG, that is truth! I laughed so hard at this. Excellent post :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :clap: :clap:

It doesn’t matter
Because bloody pillow cases will be paid items

I need a 2 star war
then I can pull out my hax chars and not get banned

It’s a crap event
Not worth the time or energy

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Don’t stain my family name as a part of this

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At first I thought you may have been drunk posting then I realised it was sarcasm. Bravo sir! Well done! Made me laugh! Screenshot_2018-12-27-17-42-10-1

It isnt sarcasm, this is very serious! The excitement levels of doing 4* roadmaps is insane! I also hope we get 3*, 2* and 1* events! And GR locking his thread was by far the best communication we have got. GG well played scopely

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Screenshot_2018-11-20-20-59-53-1 Screenshot_2018-11-20-14-12-21-1 okay okay. I know. Lol

is this for real…posted by a millenial. Its something new?

This is so great that we need to all spend lots of money cause this pumps me up to spend, motivates me so much! Im sorry i just cant contain my excitement

lol bs…what wrong with old skool Game gone old skool on there asses and they dunno what to do

I can see that. Lol. Only Scopley would look at this as doing us a favor. :slight_smile:

they can kiss my butt.

Nothing wrong with it, its fun and ive been building my 4*, 3*, 2* and 1* teams just for things like this which is why i am so excited to finally use my old school teams. This also motivated me to become a whale and spend for pillows and now that i spent for those, im hooked! Gonna be spending lots now, i already feel my bucket upgrading.