Finally! Exactly what we've been asking for all this time!

4* Roadmaps! Hell yes! Now we won’t have to see all of those multiple posts every day asking when we can use our beloved 4* toons! Every day in the forums “Why can’t we use our awesome 4*'s?” and “Who needs roster space for actual relevant toons? I’m still holding out for some awesome 4* action!”

Well now you all get your wish! I mean, the fact that they can use mods and 5* weapons shouldn’t matter for that “old school” purist, it doesn’t really make any sense from a game design standpoint but who cares! We get to use all those super 4* toons we’ve been hoarding up, just praying for a day like this!

What a great way to start the new year by bringing back toons that haven’t been relevant for years! What inspired game design, what could you marketing and gameplay geniuses come up with next? I mean now that you’re listening to us how about some love for the 3* toons as well!

Next event needs to be 3* faction raids and territories, only go hard this time and say no mods and no weapons over 3* level! People will freaking love it! That’s all my faction talks about after we finish talking about how nice it would be to use 4*'s again!

But once again, I’d like to thank Scopley for being the industry leading visionary that they are, when other companies are plowing forward with things like “exciting new features” and “customer satisfaction” Scopley stands boldly alone and says “How can we make money off of crap work we did 4 years ago?” and “Drop the announcement in the forums and lock any feedback because we know we hit it out of the park on the first swing.” You are truly a wonder to behold Scopely, thank you for everything that you do to remind us how much we mean to you!



Scopely are not smart enough to realise you are being sarcastic.
Great post btw (that’s not sarcasm)


Love it. Yeah who besides noobs have 4 star toons. And leveled ones at that. Probably only part of maps not locked behind a pay wall. Douche move scopely

Wait for territory event to give out a maxed out 4star as an hourly reward :joy:


4* rm is clearly for luring beginners in. Give it a break.

It’s just 1 blood sheet per 4* rm. Not critical.

We have any idea what these sheets trade for yet?

Scopely: “Hold my beer”!
What have last events thought us?! That from a F2P standpoint, every little bit matters! Maybe that 1 sheet will be the difference between getting the reward, and not getting it. But we can’t be sure, can’t we?! Because @GR.Scopely dropped the bomb and left the building, just like Elvis (or the plane that dropped a real one in Hiroshima).


Awesome post!!!
Congrats, my good Sir!

least it will be something new

Yeah, unless you played 3-4 years ago when 4* were actually useful. Other than that though, totally new!

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The 20/2020 survival markers offer was new, also.
Did you do that, too?


Fantastic post.

By the way, is anyone just kind of grossed out by the idea of bloody sheets? That is not Walking Dead type gross, that is like go see a doctor type gross.


There were in fact posts , I can’t remember if from more than one person, asking for 4* only arenas. Scopely probably seized on the worst idea they came across.

I don’t doubt it, probably one of these sarcastic posts like the OP of this thread. Or it might have been written so long ago that people still had 4*. But as usual the actual usefulness far out of date.

At least we know now how long it takes “The Team” to get to things that are taken to it.

@OpportunistXL… bravo! … you win the forums today, my friend. Lmao

By the way, where are the promised 4* legacy toons ? Any special PTL (pay 2 loose) stash foreseen? LMAO

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New roadmap to get a limited edition 2* that you will need like 4 of, once maxed out you can trade in for the limited edition 3*, need two of those maxed, then trade them in for a 4*. At that point, you will be able to do the first stage of a multi-stage map for free. The rest of the items to open the map are available in a stash that has a .02% chance to drop what you need and a 99.08% chance to give you a box with 1 food.

Come back to me in 15 mins for a reply to this…if I’m not still pissin myself laughing

I detect a little sarcasm