Finally - Elite Item Tokens

Sorry, just had to share because it’s taken awhile to reach this amount of elite item tokens, lol. Now if only Lilith’s and at least Epic gear, would be added to the wheel :slight_smile:


damn son, you’ve been saving these for a very long time lol

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WOW!! :sunglasses:

I predict 500 Hiking Boots and Burts.


There are adens in there.

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Wow lol. Hahaha

Any tips on farming these?

I really want to see your pulls!!! Can you post them here for us to drool over?

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From one hoarder to another…Congrats.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a farming method. I’ve just accumulated them by farming (a ton of farming, lol), getting via tournaments, buying some items in the store that come with them.

Thank you!

Lol, wasn’t planning on pulling all at once, unfortunately

Did a 10 pull - not bad at all

Basically this guy is spending so much he only need these lol crazy