Finally dedicated 中


I wish you a great fortune in a pulls to come !

          dint get it



Dedication is overrated :smile:


Wtf安anna also好eed a second sports gauntled宇o have a pair


Wow! :star_struck: I hope i get this too! I need to pull my 88th camp stove pls


@kalishane several people have gotten this, but the majority doesnt. Care to explain why?:slight_smile:


It looks like those tokens were sent out by Scopely for some mistake they made. Scopely only does this for dedicated players. Lol


Looks like Im not dedicated enough. Again.


Just for you to know guys, Im not a dick and not bragging over, I actually didnt get it and this screenshot is from Vk group


I did get it, but clicked it away to fast to realize why.
I do use a English client, but does not live in a English speaking country.
Could it possibly be some translation issue again? Kinda wierd that I got it only in one region tho.




theres this type of compensation called blanket compensation. you should stop pissing your customers off and just adopt the idea to always do that. it means giving everyone the same thing regardless of wether they were effected or not. i log into ff brave exvius once a week and have compensation for bugs that I never even knew existed. people will always complain when others get extra stuff but nobody will complain if everybody gets the same. you have shown you cannot properly select people with your systems so this should be the only compensation you do moving forward.

maybe Im just bitter since Ive never recieved any of these special compensation packages that occasional get sent out yet Ive played this gane since day 1. not dedicated enough I guess


scopely this is a proper way to do things from a real company. i love how they not only do they thanks the customer for playing the game (never seen that happen here) but indiscriminately gave it to all users for a minor bug such as server error which you have had multiple times with no compensation


You never had a free 3* negan as a thanks?


Well put.


I will never be dedicated


Id like to know how they decide who gets random stuff


Rng and pancakes


This was due to a text error in the Premiere Recruits for several foreign countries due to a translation error.

Dont let them rub it in your faces. :angry:

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