Finally a 5* wheel update coming! (also other wheels :D)


He’s totally going to troll you by meaning weapon, prestige and basic token wheels lol


Yay!!! Another batch of toons tht i won’t be able to pull.

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You mean again?

Alex put a smiley in the title. I didn’t want to insert scepticism into the thread lol

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Coming soon to a basic token wheel near you, all new 1★ weapons, 1★ characters and increased chances of 3★ Dr Stevens!!!


First they will reset all of our tokens then update only the lower wheels :joy::joy::joy::joy: wait I meant they would never do that to us

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Dude that would be fine with me :slight_smile:
Sitting on 19k basic tokens according to support , they did weapons already and Prestige is a joke (4* is in no way prestigious) that needs changing


Support answer those types of questions?

yes, ask them how many basics you have stacked and they will tell you

Good old crap tokens they are so worthless unless you love 1 and 2* weapons

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I think it’s about time we looked for a proper overhaul of the token/wheel system altogether and stopped settling for piecemeal biannual wheel updates. For example a permanent ascendable wheel is so long overdue it’s beyond a joke.

The game was released back in August 2015, and 5* were certainly not a thing straight away. Still, a “mere” 10 months later in June 2016 the 5* wheel (among others) was introduced. Finally a guaranteed way for players to get 5* and get a bit more of a reliable way to make progress, even if the currency was at a trickle and the initial lineup was somewhat uninspiring.

Ascendance was introduced in August 2017, yet here we are 19 months later and there is still no guaranteed way to get one. Yes, we’ve had login events, collection events, temporary wheels etc., but no long term way to acquire and spend tokens.
The problem with temporary wheels (and more recently, stashes) is that most players outside top factions may not get a single pull and find themselves spending a weekend (or 2) warring for nothing.
While the current wheel isn’t great it will at least guarantee most players a pull, but will be gone again after the next war and whatever tokens are leftover disappear into the ether. Temporary wheels also increase the chance of dupes given that the odds reset with every new wheel, much like the 1x 5* in 40 rule for the premier wheels. Well, allegedly.

So what exactly is the hold up? I can understand it not being introduced straight away but there are now 143x 6* in the game - the majority of which are outdated, but not near the extent of 5* - so what exactly is the harm of bringing out a new wheel? Someone pulling a Jessie isn’t going to upend the hierarchy in a region.

Added to this, the gear stranglehold is still very much a thing, so there’s not gonna be a slew of folk ascending 20 toons at a time unless they buy up those gear offers, good news for Scopes so surely that’s incentive enough for them?

I’m not saying scrap the other wheels outright either - take this opportunity to have a major revamp. Perhaps the ascendable wheel having a slew of OG toons that should be in everyone’s toolkit - Carl, Mira, Tyreese, legacy toons, and a smattering of more recent, not-OP-but-usable-in-the-right-setup ascendables.
Keep the 5* wheel with the same odds of pulling an ascendable, but put more ex-promo toons and new legacies like in some of the recent wheels so players have the choice of either a guaranteed but maybe meh ascendable vs. most likely a 5* but possibly a very nice ascendable.

The other wheels may still have their uses but need to be part of the overhaul. Prestige is the biggest joke of all - it takes most players a month to generate a single pull on it and nearly always results in a 4*. We’ve had events that guarantee an ascendable for little more than logging in, and this should definitely be redone in that vein. I would be more inclined to ditch the prestige wheel altogether and replace it with a prestige depot with ascendables only (and/or 5* gear, gold mods, ascendance medals Liliths etc). Perhaps new unique toons in the vein of SR Zeke/Dr Stevens?

Keep the 4* wheel for new players/collectors/sadists/DrMekar. Basic/helper tokens are utterly useless for any player at any level. Basic used to come in handy for level ups because it spat out 2* near exclusively, then it got nerfed to have mainly 1* toons/weapons that nobody wants, ever. So revert it back to giving out 2* at a higher rate but give the contents an update to be a bit more relevant to the game as it is now - weapon parts, small amounts of scrap, medals, Burts, glove/shirt bags etc.

One of the biggest issues is that each wheel has its own currency and as a result you have droughts of one and floods of another as they are spread thinly across tourney rewards and other aspects of the game. I have 300k+ 4* tokens that are never gonna get pulled because A) I don’t need them B) my roster is full and C) I get maybe 10x 4* from world map drops than I would from the time it takes to build up a single 4* pull from territories which seems to be the only source of them (and no that’s not a plea for more 4* tokens as rewards). Same with basic/helper tokens, I have thousands of both that are never going to get pulled for the above reasons.

One possible solution may be to get rid of the individual currencies. Combine them all (Ascendable, 5*, 4*, helper, basic) into “recruit tokens” which can be used on any wheel - 1x for a basic pull, 10x for a 4*, 50x a 5*, 250x an ascendable. Or something like that.

This would kill 2 birds with 1 stone, as one of the most sought after QoL changes is the reorganising of Battle Chests which mostly pay out basic tokens. So the fact that each war - regardless of what their ranking at the end will be - would put a player incrementally closer to a 6* would be that much more motivational. This could also be what temporary wheel/stash tokens convert into rather than supply points, so even if players didn’t get a pull on whatever temporary wheel was up, they’re still a little closer to a 6*.

Just a few ideas, probably all spouted in vain because I’m pretty sure the word “overhaul” is next on the list for the ####-bot, oops.


Very well said, I couldn’t agree more!

To add anecdotal evidence regarding war crates:
I opened 163 of these yesterday. Not a single Aden. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the post. Agreed All of these ideas desperately to happen asap.
But will any of them? Sadly no. All that’s going to happen is a few different old useless ascendables will be added to the 5* wheel. And that will be all for another 6 months +
No body in Scopley HQ cares in the slightest about how outdated so many aspects of the game are. :-1:

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The 4* toon tokens should have option to trade them for 5* tokens. 5* token wheel needs a update but also don’t remove any of the ascend that are on wheel already remove the crap I don’t need Vernon for example

Same here :pensive: not one ascendable from the wheel since last update.


Any kind of wheel update would be welcome. 250k 5*, 160k 4*, 3k “Helper”, 110k 4* Weapon, I sent an email to support asking about how many basic tokens, but probably around 20k… Prestige I recently pulled 5 and have built back up to another pull. Oh, they were all 4* garbage by the way, VERY prestigious!

I would like to see basic wheel have 1* anything removed.
5* tokens have been vastly reduced in availability i saved for a long time but ended using for toons to level and have extra fodder. (Still missing a few toons in there for purpose of collecting) but would love to see an update IF it actually provides some toons that werent relased over a year ago. Throw something worthwhile in that makes players a little excited for pulls

2* weapons should be gone as well

Disagree there

  1. My low level account took awhile to obtain 3 or 4* weapons and those basic tokens were helpful
  2. Breaking them down for parts before getting armory maxed was very helpful
    1weapons are useless even my first week on baby account i had 2