Final part of last words event

Last words event: Final part
P: Upgrade the weapon given at the end of the P roadmap using the armory(level one modification counts.
R:Use 10 of any refills.
I:Win 20 raids will all teammates alive
S:Win 30 stages of sr.
O:Open recruits & rewards 20 times(use basic tokens)
N:Gather 5 night vision googles.(League store counts too)


And some of us completed the roadmap and the weapon never went into our weapons inventory so cannot complete the event mission for the letter P. Good times.

Write support to either put the weapon into your inventory or credit you “P”.
They can see if you legit ran the road map and it didn’t reward you.

Also if by chance it is in your weapon inventory & you overlooked it or you think you dont have it because it didnt register in the mission, you have to upgrade it in armory. Do a low level upgrade & it will show up.

A few people in my faction actually upgraded the Precise Lucille bat thinking that was the one from the roadmap.
When actually it’s Negan Superior Lucille.

There is also Violent Contaminated Lucille, Ricks violent Lucille (assign to lacerator Rick), and Negans Fierce Lucille (Xmas lights).


Have one of mine…

Not sure which one will give me the craft bonus so I put both in, I’ll let you know if I get two P’s

It doesn’t matter, either will apply.
I actually didn’t do the road map, upgraded the one I already had, basic level 1 attack.

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