Final Fantasy 100k for Tapjoy

Anyone have that email @kalishane provided on a separate thread on where to send the evidence too for this offer? Completed it for the 11k coins but tapjoy says i have not

Tapjoy functions must better when you initiate thinks through their app and not TWD. Can see exactly where you are in the progress of the offer. Like if the download registered etc.

So i need to download the independent tapjoy app? I don’t see it in the iTunes app store

I would, that’s how i used to ensure i got every offer. But now that you have already completed it, still need to deal with tapjoy and do the BBB thing and complain with evidence.

The game is like 80% success on even simple download offers. The tapjoy app literally puts green checks next to each step as you register it.

Download. check
reach level 10. check
Reach power level 100 check
then will say completed and keep track of what you are doing.

Hard to install the app when it says this

Took me about a week

i had it in progress and spent on that initial offer to get it done quick. got sweet fuck all, apparenty i never even installed the game

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Spending will speed it up by days ( a friend just did it by paying ) also what zombay said as this has happened to people I know as well

Just saying CC in scopley actually got a response for me, it was a load of horse shit , but a response none the less,
Im currently adding scopley again into my response as they refused to pay out stating i did not fufil the requirements despite me recording the offer then showing all the requirements filled

thats exactly wha they told me upon completing this offer

I pm her and scopey and tapjoy they all seem to like ignoring this 2 weeks and still having got my coins it still says pending

Speeds it up a lot just use your speed ups wisely.

Got screwed with this offer and the Lords Mobile offer to reach level 11 castle for 1340 coins. Waste of time.

They screwed me over hard. I completed this offer and got to well over the requirement. Something like 8 million power.

Tapjoy says I never installed the game?

sorry, if this has been mentioned, but perhaps you did’t follow the url that tapjoy provided to you when you clicked on the offer.
Also, those bastards didn’t gave me my coins for one of the offer games, but I got my coins for the Final fantasy game immediately. Although, I didn’t receive 11k lol.

I thought I was the only one that got screwed out of the final fantasy offer. Was also told that I didnt complete it by Tapjoy.

Good luck they owe me close to 10k I’ve never received some from over as long as year ago . they have messaged me saying not sure what happened we will contact scopley etc. Hahaha

Yep been waiting for this one for a couple of weeks now as well. I’ll update here with any news, but it’s not looking good :frowning:

The tapjoy app is no longer supported.