Filter for weapons and characters

Something that’s been missing for some time, an option to “filter” weapons and characters.
There is such an options for the “mods”, which came latter.
But characters and weapons still have no filter options.
Filter to have only some type/traits of weapons or characters for example
Or to look for talents or weapons attributes more easily.

Hope it could come in a next update.

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are u serious we hve this option already from ages

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How about this then. A filter that doesn’t stink.

  • An option to see only 6-stars, 5-star ascendables, regular 5-stars, etc.
  • A toggle to turn of whether or not being assigned to a team affects the filter
  • An ability to select multiple filters ex. Alert 5-star ascendables by name only
  • An ability to search by typing in a name
  • An option to see a single weapon type and nothing else

What we have is better than nothing but it needs some major work.


Been wishing for one for a while. If I need an all fast team I’d love to sort by attack and only see yellows but it probably will never happen.

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