Fill the ascendancy pool

If we have some of toons from ascending monument in the five star wheel why not add some five stars in ascendancy monument in return ? Like whispers into screams Jesus and toons like that, suggest yours ^^,


Heavilly agreed. Pulls have been pretty harsh to most players. If they can’t get for instance, a Shiva Force Michonne, then they can have another chance by ascending an Ultra Strong in the Ascendance Monument.

Add more avaiable Ultra Rares and Epics there avaiable in the wheels, so we can have more of a variety of rewards.


Pretty please @kalishane :pray:t2:


Red: Kenny
Blue: “Made to Suffer” Lori
Green: Darlene
Yellow: “Days gone by” Rick

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I definitely agree with that we should have all the recruits that are in the five star tokens wheel thru a chance of getting them with the silver medels when ascending a four star trait. Definitely would add huge vaule to getting medals even if they are in rewards and could easily be a great aveune to help free to play and new regions trying to develop a decent roaster.