Fighting war. Keep fighting or get retreat to next battle?

During war is it better when your team is winning to keep fighting to get the win. Or Retreat to move on to the next battle?

Typically you want the win.
However if there is one person that your faction is having difficulty beating and they dont drop their def then it may be better time wise to retreat and move on.
Just depends

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Without any context, of course you would want to keep fighting to get the win, so you can get the win bonus.

What the bonus?

It’s an opportunity cost question. Is the win bonus worth the extra time spent? If the war will be too long ( for example over 30 min bc slow repairs except one coiner oand tough to beat team only 1 of you can hit) … chances are you would be better off moving on and getting 2 extra wars in. Think of it like if you win you get 40k for winning one war in 45 min vs 50k doing 3 wars you lose… it depends on the circumstances whether the opportunity cost is worth it or it’s better to lose that battle to win in the overall war so to speak lol

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War has always been a points per minute event you want to average as much as possible taking into account search time,pregame and how long it’ll take you to fill back up to determine what u should do like the post above states

Keep Playing! Win fast, Loose Faster. its a numbers game.


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