Fighting for 6 stars in an S-Class Meta is baffling

I must start off with


My RNG Bucket luck on promo wheels was some of the worst pulls this game has to offer so for me i only did them once every few months or when something truly amazing comes along.

that said i put my efforts into museum or roadmap events to get toons such as michelle etc I liked the guaranteed toon at the end (if even having to spend that little extra to guarantee or get that little bit faster)

With those sort of events it mattered, Michelle is still a very good character in the S-class meta still to have (not forever though)

I just dont understand the need or want to do this anymore unless its meta specific, we know Mr. Jones has a new item of debilitation BUT looking at stats with all 30 promo rings the guy has 2k hp and 2102 def … This is surprisingly bad for a toon with maxed promotions not withstanding any new infection rush.

What are we doing here??? This is probably my first time i will run an event super casual which has no hope of collecting the end reward toon.

Pull ya socks up Scopely, make spending if needs be at least somewhat worthwhile


The real prize is the 1st of the 3 milestones - the 1000 collectables. Weird way around to have it.


yep and the 333 bullets for Raulito, finished that right away

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2 days in a row now where ive just turned the game off because theres a level up, this event theres nothing to it

Don’t play the event then?

The character seems designed for a very specific purpose, as a killer in a control team who also confuses and dazes in a pinch. Stats don’t matter on him - Shield means he should never get hit anyway. He probably won’t make anyone’s main team, but will be a useful tool for those annoying opponents you can’t beat except with all-out control.

He’s much better than Sergio or Zhu, which were the first I didn’t finish (well and Konrad, because I had to go for the other rewards). Probably better than Michonne too.



So funny they push S Class on us when everyone said noooooo and protested that pete had ridiculous stats etc then came priya

then lied saying you can only get them through trade in cards then it was you can pull 5* or 6*, Trade 2 6* and 2000 cards in for the S class. Then a week later its 2 6* and 6000 cards for the S Class (Suddenly realised people could hget lucky and get 2 5* or 6* versions and close to 2000 cards from one or 2 large pulls)

and now still expect people to jump through hoops and perform tricks for 5* tokens and burts.

I dunno how a company can be so out of touch and have no clue how to make their game work, its not like we havent told you which events were good and which events sucks ass in the past

But what do you do. Keep pushing those events that suck ass.

You did an awesome event in the first FA event, we begged and pleaded for a 2nd one, all you had to do was copy and past it and update the toons you could pull etc but noo you turned it into a suck ass trainer event smh

Nice point here, but Michonne is great too. At least for me.

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