Fighters can become worn out...?

So in arenas, does this mean that they just randomly aren’t usable, or is this like during survival road where if they’re killed, they can’t be used?

Waiting to get this answer before going in and selecting my teams…any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!

You can select one that will be able to fight again. And another one selected random (i think) will also be able to be used again. But 3 toons will stay out for future fights.

Later edit: 2 toons will stay out, not 3


2 will be out


3 of your 5 toons are randomly selected to be worn out after your attempt. You can select one of the 3 to save. The other 2 will not be available for future attempts

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I feel like they should have come up with a different phrase other than “worn out”…I was really puzzled when I had 3 players that were all at full health when the battle was over be “worn out”

It’s kind of a pain…as you then have to spend time picking new toons and switching out mods and whatnot just for the sole reason of “just because” when there was nothing wrong with the toons you had.

On the plus side, it does make you think a bit more.


Weird its like there was a post about this explaining it all.

Weird, it wasn’t descriptive if it was random selection, or how it was done…so I asked if anyone could clarify…

Don’t worry thats just the latest forum troll attempting to be sarcastic. He’s been at it since yesterday.

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that’s a random strategy

I figured as much. I’m always prepared for them any time I post anything here just in case. Lol