The Fiery Blitz war is almost over, I would like to know now that the majority have already participated, what they think of the event in the following fields:
how did it go? What did you think of the tower?
What did you think of the cooling times?
how often did the mercenaries use to fill their ranks?
on what note out of 10 would you rate the event and why? and finally, with reference to the previous wars, how good was this one; bad, fair, good?
I’m curious to know what they think. :grin:

Bin in einer kleinen Fraktion und fand das Konzept absolut spitze hat richtig Spaß gemacht.
Die cool down Zeit des turns fair für beide Seiten und dem damage Boni des Turm selbst starke Gegner machbar. Die Söldner Option ist richtig hilfreich. Alles in allem :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I loved the tower, it made the battles so much easier. Problem is both teams just spent the whole time passing it back and forth because the cooldown was so short.

However I wasted a lot more cans because most of my teammates gave no craps about the tower and preferred to just attack. :unamused:

We used mercenaries quite a lot, wasn’t a very active war for us.

Matchups seemed pretty good.

I think all the new wars have had good and bad points so far but I’ve mostly enjoyed them.


Agree good and bad, scout time was definitely to short, tower was very powerful but shield was to short, 1 tower only not sure if I liked that atm. Score 6 out 10 for me


I face a bunch of mercer lead teams and they would just heal burn turn 1 so owning the tower didn’t make a difference against a fair portion of the matches it would have made a difference to me in.

The story I made up for the reasoning was that it was a tower with a big flamthrower on top. That was amusing, as were the matches with teams that couldn’t resist the fire. I had some matches last about 10 seconds as a result.

A tower that powerful also made a big difference for some of our lower power faction mates. We had some people hitting milestones they otherwise probably would not have finished.


Just that is what I meant with that type of towers that some people do not understand, this type of towers is good for everyone, the shield time was short, perhaps with setting it to 1:30 or maximum 2:00, it would be more than Enough, these types of towers help those low-level players to make their points and therefore complete their milestones which is really good, I would love more towers like that, unlike slow towers, which took you away almost by I complete the chances of winning against stronger factions.

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