FFS Give us the time ⌚ of the update for Android!

Raided Some IOS users saw they already using their legacy magna & Lee, that’s so unfair…


Between now and Tuesday at the latest. It’s in the hands of Google now, or so I’m told

I’m pretty sure they know exactly, they just like to keep us confounded

And what benefit is that to them? It doesnt seem reasonable that they turn it over to play store and it has to be pushed from there?

Because we are beneath contempt for them. Answering a question on the forums doesn’t make them any money so they don’t do it even when its a simple answer to a simple question.

Lordy son, not everything is a conspiracy

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How is them not giving a fuck some kind of conspiracy?

The update isn’t even live yet?

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Funny used to be apple that took longer lol

I am iPhone user, updated yesterday and didn’t see any 6* Magna or Lee neither in ascendance tower nor SR depot. :thinking:


What do you want them to say? They gave the app to Google and Google says 3-7 days to approve and roll it out. They can’t give you an exact time because Google doesn’t give them an exact time.

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That’s what I said. :wink:

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Yeah but you didn’t give a picture :joy:

Sorry but how i can kill this zombie ?

Christa ar or priya or bleed him out…

Stun him if he’s stunned he can’t use taunt

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I’m on iOS as well and have yet to see either Lei or magna. I think you might have seen something else.

I’m trying to find out why this guy is so angry. What benefit of the company have on holding back and update for it could be at least half of their players? Take it easy buddy it’s not that bad I mean it really is not that bad.

If you have Tobin pair him with Christa that attack buff will kill him with one rush

Some iOS players have seen them pop in and out in my faction. I suggested waiting if they popped in