Ffs enough with blue Shane already


I mean really scopely I think blue Shane as a reward for level up 4 times in a row Is enough holy shit for real


There’s been lots of promo healers maybe scopley is trying to be fair and give the f2p players healers also


I dont even level up for the prizes anymore, really. I just do whatever milestones I want and focus mainly on the toons that need some more levels.


I think it wasn’t 4 in a row but :man_shrugging:


You really don’t get it scopley and the devs don’t care about older players everything that has been add to this game past 8 months or so is for aim at new players not you or me. The offers, rewards, the new features, breaking up war, the daily rewards, league’s even transfers. To a new region that’s a great prize because they don’t no better. There’s always an event on everyday now unlike before leveling for new players is good for them.


Bring back Red Eugene as the prize!


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