Feedback Taken Seriously

Based on numerous feedbacks i have read and seen, I’m deducing it down to two options that i feel need community feedback directly here. I will act accordingly

Should the Players Council exists?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you want me on the council?

  • Yes
  • No

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Side note* I’m not voting so can’t see results. Will check back in 30ish hours and ask for a results screen shot


I dont know you.
and still dont know what the counsil is meaning to do

It should exist but the way it was brought to us is not transparent.


I should be in the counsil instead

We are setting up a Player Council to update and discuss our promises outlined, and to strengthen communication lines between players and the development team.

How the council do this when we dont get to know zero or below that

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So far it is just made from US people in top factions. How does that represent the whole playerbase? :man_shrugging:

Haven’t seen a single person from the Council say they will try do something for Euros… 16 out of 20 events these past 4weeks ended between midnight and 7am.


It seems that this company is getting exactly what they want.

This is such a diversion tactic.

Sow discourse.


@Bane we’ve chatted for a while. I hope you don’t take any of my posts criticizing the selection personally. It’s not that you, or gov, or any of the others mentioned are on it individually… it’s the fact that your on it collectively.

I have no doubt you will represent the player base well.


Which is why the best scenario in my opinion is for it to not exist.

The only positive changes in this game recently came from the tireless efforts of PU. Wheel refreshes etc.


I answered yes to both but would like to say I believe there is a need for the higher tier players and spenders represented I think there needs to be less of them on the PC and more diversity

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Has there been a player on PC that can prove he is 100% F2P?

I can’t fix how it was presented, only disclose i was chosen. Numerous people are saying members should have been elected, @Bobby, so to show I’m serious about the feedback aspect, vote. If I’m out, i will leave. I want to rep a community that wants me to rep them. This is only speaking for myself, not any other member

@Karl_Vella I’m trying my man. I’m hindered, but getting euros involved and in a better time of events is on my agenda

I think i can also state i have taken the feedback of adding free to play and euro to the council. Again, i don’t know every single member so can’t say there is or is not already one on the council; but i pushed the feedback that the community wants to see a Euro and free to play on the council they trust.


I think there should be a players council. My issue is that it is not a true representation of the playerbase. I am the leader of a mid to lower faction however I haven’t seen anyone from that playerbase. So I personally don’t feel that the needs of my faction will be addressed. I understand that the council will try to speak for the players but right now all the playerbase is not represented. I have no ill feelings towards any member of the council it just seems to be a one size fits all representation.


We should all be in the council!! #PU :sunglasses:

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As I’ve said in another thread, the more I’m hearing the less faith I have in it. However I feel it’s too early to say whether or not it should exist. We don’t know at this point whether it is going to be productive. We’ve had no official word from Scopely about what it is, what the intentions are or how it’s going to work.

I actually feel somewhat bad that the council members who have come forward have had to bear the brunt of our frustrations on the subject, while Scopely and the ones who enjoy being secretive sit back.

I have no issue with anyone on the council, only the way the council appears to have been selected and the lack of accurate representation of the player base. That is the fault of Scopely, not the chosen members.


I want a Council but I don’t want it to have preference over any other avenue. It’s a group for direct and focused feedback. It’s not the only group and for other types of feedback.

I don’t have an issue with you @Bane or any of the other reps personally, and I’m sure many others don’t. I just feel Scopely has been overindulgent in offering the top facs spots on a small council. The playerbase might be going that way but it’s not there yet :joy:


There should be 1 representative from the top 25 factions 1 from 25-50 ranked 1 from 50-75 ranked etc. Right now I’ve seen 6 from the top 10 factions in the game that’s not balance that’s not real representation


I mean PC is at the moment one Fk mistery and joke for me and all of us.They shuld tell us who is in and what problems they want to solve righ now to let everyone show our approbate to them and those ideas.

But no doubt you will be good member of PC if you join PC or however you get in.

Youre good bro.

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I think even having just one of each of those types of players would ease the minds of a lot of the player base. I am in no way attacking any member personally and i am glad that people were actually chosen. However i think it needs at least one F2P and one Euro on it.


I think it is more complex than just a yes or no answer to the question of whether or not a Players Council should exist. Scopely has historically ignored the input, feedback, and requests of their player base, so why should anyone believe they will listen now? They have also been less than clear about what exactly the Players Council will do, and given the associated NDA, most of us will never know much about what it does or does not achieve.

If it is going to exist, this has to change. Scopely hasn’t been transparent with the community for far too long, and with the limited information that is available to most of the players this Council seems to be just another distraction tactic, to avoid having to address problems. As part of the improved communication that has been promised, Scopely needs to regularly disclose pieces of feedback received from the Players Council, and their plan of action (or lack thereof), in order to make it worthwhile. The community should know the main points that are being targeted, what they are or aren’t willing to change, and why. There is already a great starting point for these discussions between the list of PU demands and the promises for the future outlined by GR.

As to who is on the Council, I think it needs to be vocal players who have been part of the community for a long time and fully understand the impact of the decisions that have been made and will be made going forward, in terms of power creep, programming quality, and monetization of the game. From what I’ve seen in the forum you fit those criteria (as do others named as Council members) , so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be part of it.