Feedback Surveys?

It seems there have been a particularly high number of surveys requests recently.

What would be the most effective response when asked that can summarize the #PlayersUnited stance?

Would it be worth mentioning that the due date for change is September 26, 60 days after it was requested?

It can be summed up as “this has not worked”

I gave them my deadline. Won’t do any good. They just don’t care.

Asking time and time again then going further in the other direction comes off as… “They just don’t care about… me”

They don’t care about anyone. Just money. If they did they would fix bugs, game play, etc. I no longer care at this point. Why should I? The game has gone down the toilet and all they give is lip service and a new content that really won’t help the people that cannot compete without spending. They could make this game better for all, but won’t.


i have zero surveys

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