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Everyone keeps saying but Scopely won’t listen. I have been playing this game for 2 years and have even spent money multiple times to give me the edge. I have complained to support that war/raids/st are too difficult. My mediocre team of a mild spender can’t compete against this godly teams with maxd weapons. Events, I have literally been waiting on something good only to get nothing. A michonne was decent but she’s a 6 star in this day and age that’s a joke. Come on Scopely show some Dammn appreciation to your loyal players. And for the trolls, I don’t like complaining just nothing better to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Scopely says that they try to make the game competitive. War for me isn’t competitive its a massacre, that’s not fun. :smile:

I think Scopely is increasingly showing that it only cares about it’s “VIP” players (i.e. the biggest spenders). They want things to be more competitive which makes it more difficult for the average player.

Having said that I don’t think the latest SR was too difficult for most experienced players whether you’re a spender or not. It probably was demoralising for new regions/new players but I think if I was in that category id probably feel most of the game is at this point.

@Gamechamp - Thanks for your feedback on SR. You are not the only players complaining about the difficulty of this event. I’ll make sure to relay the message to the dev team.

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Taking bets on the next SR being nightmare mode😂

By talking to the team, the obvious intent of the changes was to increase the Survival Road Difficulty that being said and based on the number of reports of this difficulty being seen on the forums. I will continue talking with the game team and see how we can improve the experience for this event.


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It should be changed so that the increased difficulty of hard and nightmare doesn’t start to apply until you reach the higher stages of SR.

Bronze should always be very easy and able to be completed by new players who have only been playing the game for a few weeks using 3* and 4* toons.

Silver should be slightly more difficult than bronze and able to be completed with 5* toons by players who have been playing for a few months.

Gold should be normal difficulty and able to be completed by most players with 6* toons.

Elite and legendary should be where the increased difficulty of hard and nightmare SR kick in. This is where S-Class and top 6* opponents (payback, etc.) will start to be encountered and the rewards should be made considerably better to reward players who are strong enough to be able to complete these stages.

I agree. Even moderate spenders can’t keep up with the whale factions.

My faction often waits an hour or more to fill, only to finally match with a top 1 or 2 whale faction that wipes us out before we can even clear the towers. Then it’s back to the multi-hour wait for the next stomp.

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