[Feedback] Patch 9.1.1

Thank you very much for having shields/commands work with the auto attacks.

This change lets me participate in these events since I can’t spend the necessary time at work to get through human battles manually.

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You’re welcome and sorry about the knock on



I’m aware of that issue. Not too worried about it personally. Definitely a step in the right direction in terms of a quality of life improvement.

Agreed. Also appreciate finally being able to long press a weapon when selling multiple at a time.

Thank you for the long press for selling weapons, so helpful! Just an FYI for everyone out there, be careful if you have any 2* weapon mods. If you select that type of weapon, regardless of its power score, it will be included.

Since the weapon lock feature isn’t implemented yet it sounds like equipping these modified weapons on “holder” teams might help prevent this.

I saw the patch notes but nothing about if ap generation were fixed if joining a non phase 1 stage of assault. I know it was said thebissue was found and due to be implemented, has it been added?

ap generation? You meant weapon effect and leader skills?

I saw weapon effects, stun impair etc, but leader skill ap gen ( vl on atk n dmg) and wep effects were not tracking properly last time and my faction wont run one without confirmed fix.

Basically it was like having 0 modifiers to ap for every condition even if the weapon or leader added bonuses

AP Bonus on attack/def and Leader Skills have been fixed.

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To add: These effects worked if you fought on Phase 1 of any boss, but phase 2-5 if you started fighting there, the generation was the standard rate of gain and not modified by weapon or leader skills.

Thank you, wanted to confirm since I saw no.mention in post notes.

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that has been added