[Feedback] Kingdom Part 1 Shenanigans

While playing through Kingdom Part 1 (Act III) each level was a walker level. Based on the dialogue that was going on it would have made more sense for the first few stages to be human stages, and the last few stages be walker stages.

For me, I try to appreciate the little things that developers do in their games purely for the benefit of the player enjoyment. When I see stuff like this it becomes a turn off because I interpret it as not caring.

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I wasn’t going to reply but it’s funny enough that during the animation I was assuming it was humans as well and I didn’t even look I just set up humans and launched it and it was zombies cuz I know you guys like that word

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And the story is kinda bad… Like:

We have to move. This area has a Lot of Walkers…
Stage 1
Look out!
Stage 2
We must keep fighthing!
Stage 3
I Don’t know If we can hold much longer!
Stage 4
Thank God. That was the last of them. Look, more Walkers!
Stage 5
Look out!
Stage 6

Always like this. We have to face 6 stages to the story move on, instead of the story moving on each stage.


I agree. This unending trend is killing these for me.

Is there anything worthwhile as rewards apart from silver ascendency token such as elite, prestige tokens etc?

I honestly don’t pay much attention to the rewards in there.

I looked through my stuff and I had an elite character token, so I think that might be in there. Not 100% sure on that though, I’ve been on auto-pilot in this game the last few days.



There are threads for other worrisome aspects of the game. No need to make duplicates of those.


It was a joke

There was only one of each in each act. I wish these showed up more then they do now.

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