Feedback for Battle pass

Hello there!

Battle pass has become in a usefull option to get trailers, gear and premiere cards, it worth for regular spenders, casual spenders & free to play players.

Now we are almost in the middle of 1st TWD road to survival battle pass and I want to suggest that once someone buy any battle pass that person get a 50% discount at the beggining of the next ones making it affordable for everyone.

Being something like this, first purchase will be available for 20 usd, then next ones will only cost 10 usd.

Because not doing this will mean that people only buy the battle pass when they will be interested in the cards it has, so they won’t buy every one of them just for the fact it isn’t any exclusive toon that will never appear again and just bring cards that at some moment we will be able to get for free.

I want to know your thoughts, let it bellow please!

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

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Are there really people who waste real money for this? Lmao!


There are people who still waste money on SC which is way worst. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah I know, let’s try to improve what we have now

Usually Scopely’s model is you buy one offer and the next one costs double :laughing:

Nice idea though!


There is so much passive jealousy reeking through your statement that I take it this is something you can’t afford. Lmao! Otherwise you wouldn’t care if people buy it or not and that’s just fact.

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@El_Cucuy Jealousy about what? Stupidity? That’s what it actually is. Stupid in my opinion to throw money away for something that is bugged like this game, constantly is changed to player’s disadvantage (leagues), every event has problems and not to forget their incompetent customer support. :joy:

To me it’s simply amusing to see those who still waste real money for this and then come here on weekly basis to cry about how unfair and bugged this game is. Especially after updates.


My advise is, if your going to spend this event actually looks pretty good


I.mean with the pandemic and all that junk going on wouldn’t be a right time for this many events but after a glance its a pretty cool event. Actually decent rewards.

I find it amusing that somebody is so conflicted about this.

You consider the game crap and worthless to spend money on, yet you deem it worthy your time (which is more precious commodity for most middle class citizens) to play it?

And if you will retort with “I no longer play this crap of a game” as some people tend to do when this is pointed out, you’re even wasting time reading and responding to a forum post about a game you don’t deem worthy your time in the first place???


@Way2Real You say all of this yet are still playing game? In that case you should be asking yourself “Does this make me a loser? Am I an addict? Do I have oral diarrhea?” You are Addicted without even spending a dime while claiming the game and it’s support are total shit and also shitting on yourself and others in the process. That’s great stuff bud :joy:

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Raise your hand if you have ever spent money at a casino or on lottery tickets…yeah, js! It’s basically the same - you’re spending money on a buggy/rigged system :money_mouth_face:

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People if you are not interested in this topic and you won’t buy the pattle pass this is not a forum for you, take your free stuff and don’t complain about it.

But if you are the kind of people who is interested in the topic please let here your opinion, it’s important for the community


That’s odd. You only want the opinions of someone who would buy it? Isn’t that a slanted survey? Everyone can have an opinion and post about it. Someone may think it’s not worth the cost. That’s still a valid opinion.

Buy or dont buy who cares just dont get ur knickers in twist about what others are doing.

Wasnt that long ago that most events in this game if you didnt pay you got nothing. Its really good to see that changing i mean do abit of grinding get some f2p stuff too. The option to pay is no ones business but that player. Well unless they come on here and be an ass about then fair game. If your a spender or mid spender the key seems ok for wat u get. Some of the event tasks are starting to get abit to homeworky jumping p threw hoops ruining the event totally not a fan.
Ops idea of buy in bonus like the discount with 30 coins should be in the game specially buy survivers club and discounts for having it buying other items offers. ( its call v.i.p in most other games) discounts are a good thing is the point for people the buy and the ones that dont in the long run.

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VIP in a lot of other genres comes from purchases, a random item drop, or over time by logging in (with consecutive days counting for more).

Scopely already has this with their prestige system and I don’t see why higher prestige levels couldn’t offer discounts for packages and or bonuses and discounts for game related things (ie: crafting mats reduction).




Insulting each other is not my concept of a valid opiniĂłn.

@DTM300 I guess you didn’t catch the point of this topic.

Your idea of a valid opinion is an opinion within itself. So what you think is a valid opinion may not be to others. Not sure you grasp asking for opinions and what that can entail.