Febuary log in event?

Any informacion about this?
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely ?


Hey, I was pending on Kodak and Wandy to provide me with the details on the February Login event! :nerd_face:

On a serious note, I’m following up on this topic and will push the details asap.

Happy Friday!


we have a f2p shield we have andrea!


thats cool mate, vk will have the details, take a break and have a drink


finaly log in event or something :slight_smile:

youve already got a login event with batteries for 1,25 mil mileatone and s9+ roadmaps, what you ppl want more? arent you entertained?

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F2P only getting Beta or Sophia and need to spent $10 or more to get Sandy or Bruce ( oh yeah you also need strong team to do Road Rage ) , i have 2K tires now and if i getting 1K per day then i only get 15-16K total ( bcuz we have only 13 days left ) , you can get 20K tires if have more than 200 raid cans ( 5 tires per raid , so you need to do 800 raids " 167 cans " )
We need february daily login event for free decap or shield or disarm not collecting stuff when that collecting items very hard to get!!!


this guy seems like a right tool


Stop being salty!
Seems you have good team that can auto Road Rage Act 2 Stage 3 enemy toons but there is many players can’t do it and ended up failing and 404 raid refills ? i have only 11


Then players should learn after the 1st time whether they can do that act or not and choose the other map if they cannot


Do you have Kate?

And claim Sophia or Beta ? Nowdays everyone need Decap and Disarm against those tough shield and revivers , healers

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That’s one of hardest thing , when your team is only s8 and rest of your faction mates are s9 or higher ( same for enemy factions )
In war if meet strong enemies only doing try to atk stronghold if got add def , atk and flee to enemies and getting 100 points from each atk

You only get tires anyway, 1 per battery no matter what map you do, doesn’t matter whether you do the harder or easier map, only difference is if you get gold mods or or other stuff

There is big difference

  • Crusin’ : give 58 tires and reset every 8 hours , cost world energies also no need key ( So you get total 174 tires from Crusin’ each day )
  • Horse Power : 556 tires and reset every 24 hours and cost car battery , need key to play
  • Road Rage : 1099 tires and reset every 25 hours and cost car battery , need key

And f2p only getting 1 key per day for free from tournament milestones.
So you get total 730 tires ( Crusin’ and Horse Power ) , 1273 tires ( Crusin’ and Road Rage ) per day
Difference is 543 tires!


I was planning on letting ya get this one I’ll do next month.


@c0113c70r, while you are correct on whales keeping the lights on you at the same time are horribly wrong on your view of f2p(to you known as parasites). you do realize that the game needs ‘parasites’ just as much as spenders? if every single ‘parasite’ left tomorrow do you think the game lasts? i dont and here is why, there is a reason why all whale factions and/or amazing factions like notorious, fkr, etc. arent all in one region, they dont wanna spend and not sleep every war for 10th place, if all ‘parasites’ leave it would force the remaining players to join the same region, how long do you keep spending and warring your ass off only to lose to notorious or any other group? im guessing not long


Exactly. If you wanna get rid of the F2P that much and you hate AoW becuase of the parasite then im sure you could move your faction and all other factions to the same server and have ablast spending $50 per war to try and prove who has the biggest ball sack.

If there was no FTP CRW wouldnt work either as there wouldnt be enough factions or servers to accomodate it


Question, do u buy nearly every promo?

New premier toons forcing f2p to quit this game little by little , so how long TWD:RTS last without f2p and regions start dying without them ?
And p2p start looking high active regions but there will be nothing

So we f2p need some love , need free decap , disarm and shield to counter new toons ( new collection event is not a free you need to spend to get decap sandy or disarm bruce )