February Unleashed Event for S Class Marlon & Rosie

So not much information right now as RTS is Community Manager-less but the inbox message and some leaked info makes ti seem achievable to get Marlon & Rosie from the upcoming event if you hit the higher milestones consistently

A New abundance of Telltale characters in the game is great for myself, but how about you?

Do you like Telltale Events & Characters in RTS?

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  • No
  • Don’t Mind Either Way

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Im hoping that s-class clementine is ftp :c

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Well even if promo, like all S Class promos so far, her collection items would be attainable from gameplay long term.

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We never had much info even with a community manager. Just saying :wink:


True, although typical promos end up taking many months to claim with free to play collection. I think that a lot of people are hoping to get Marlon & Rosie a bit faster.

Was talking about Clem to the above comment, M&R seems to be event only.

Clemontine is most definitely going to be a promo toon because who doesn’t want and S-Class clementine that might actually be good

Yup most likely, but what I said still stands.