Featured characters in premier recruits

Does any one know the chances of getting a featured character in premier recruits the in game chances say that the it’s 1.0 for both 5 star ascendables and 6 stars which means that you have less than a 1% chance of getting that character, does a featured character counf as one of those cause those chances seem like bs to me

You have a 1% chance of getting a 6* regardless of which 6* available on that wheel especially when they don’t have the increased chances of the featured toon anymore

Take that 1%, half it, times it by 5 then divide it by 700, youll probably be closer to the mark of getting the toon you want

Chances are basically zero if you are trying for the promo. The chances are already 2% and since there are so many other 6s on the wheel your chances of getting the actual 6 star you want are extremely small.

The chances for getting the featured character should be separate and be something like this:
O.3% featured character 6 star
O.7% featured character ascendable
1% 6 star
1% ascendale
5% 5 star
92% 4 star

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What happen to the other 50% :joy::joy::joy:

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Fixed it

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Thumbs up buddy! And I do agree with you that the premier promo should always have its own percentage of odds :blush:

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