Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Hope y’all like those 1 star ratings. @JB.Scopely go ahead and take that to the team.


Why stop with just her?


The force isn’t strong in this tread
Keep up the heat 600
negative comments are not enough

We are players don’t deserve this!!!
Lied to us again scopley


It is still reloading until now.


Just had word, scopely will not be replacing any coins, league point tokens, benedicts , 5* used during the fiasco, what u have received is all your going to get. Keep on survivng as they say


I bought it and got nothing 26€ for nothing , why scopely why cant you release something that work ?


scopely doesnt care, just that


How often will we get new exclusive toons



Can you add free monthly transfer key to this feature. More underwhelmed every week.

Please and thanks.