Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


The force isn’t strong in this tread
Keep up the heat 600
negative comments are not enough

We are players don’t deserve this!!!
Lied to us again scopley


It is still reloading until now.


Just had word, scopely will not be replacing any coins, league point tokens, benedicts , 5* used during the fiasco, what u have received is all your going to get. Keep on survivng as they say


I bought it and got nothing 26€ for nothing , why scopely why cant you release something that work ?


scopely doesnt care, just that


How often will we get new exclusive toons



Can you add free monthly transfer key to this feature. More underwhelmed every week.

Please and thanks.


Will it ever be available for Amazon users? As your customer i am disgusted at the disregard for us. Shouldn’t be on this platform if you can’t provide the service.


I have spent so much money to keep up with weak players its outragous. And everyday when I get my free pull I get so excited and its always the same lame 4* toon. If I dont pull something worthy of the teams good players have soon I will stop spending completely.


Same here. Scopely better give another toon next month or I don’t see any reason to continue


I believe that’s the universal sentiment.

Assuming people have been pulling 8 comics a week, some should have been almost at t4 by now.

No new toon will mean a sharp drop in subscription for sure.


I’ve pulled Dale on my main, Blue Carl, Dwight, Christmad Shiva and Dante on my secondary accounts. You just have to keep on surviving!!


Andrea will be finished for me next week & with that so will SC. There is no point in paying for something & getting nothing in return. I was hoping for once Scopely would deliver, but they care more about yawnslaught having a leaderboard & milestones, while things that have been broken for over a year still go unfixed. If sr depot & supply depot won’t be updated, I guess they should just trash them. Change the war crates to give league tokens instead of supply depot points, same with SR, instead of depot points replace with league tokens.