Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO CANCEL!!! Read more carefully, it says you need to cancel over 24 hours before any subscription period expires so if you wait until day 7 you’re gonna get a nasty surprise and I’m sure this is exactly what Scopely is hoping for. It’s really 6 free days and a 7th day to trick you. This is gonna be the absolute worst thing Scopely has ever done to trick or steal from their customers.



Today, as we began rolling out the new Survivors Club feature introduced with the game update 18.0.2, we experienced an issue causing the 5-Star ascendable Andrea character (gift with 7-day free trial) to require the incorrect upgrade gear items.

We’re currently pausing the Survivors Club feature rollout to address this issue. We’ll be updating the community throughout the course of the day with more information. We appreciate your patience. Thank you!


Great, so some got to upgrade and level her up while the rest will wait months … super… keep surviving i guess lol


The only fair thing is to let it ride since many have already maxed her. Its a 100% insult and disservice to loyal customers to selectively change this retroactively. FWIW


I’ve been on both sides of this … all I can say it too bad :joy: cause that’s what everyone said when the people got multiple free 6 star lories


Ok, maybe I was wrong. Looks like they can still do something more unethical with the subscription sevice than I had warned of.


LMAO! Why? Scopely please stop proving everyone right…


I think the main thing you should ask yourself is… would i buy a premier pull for 1whatsoever?


Calm down guys.

A new legacy toon will be released to distract us all from this.


Hahahaha this company is a joke


This is unfair for Poland it’s about price
Dollar 24,99$ x 12 = 300 x 3,8= 1140PLN 24,99 x 3,8 = 95 PLN countries paying in dollars :24,99$
Poland 114 PLN x 12 = 1368 PLN /3,8 =360$ 114 PLN / 3,8 = 30$ Poland pay 30$ why u steel 5$ or 19 PLN . Poland pays additionally 12 month 60$ = 228 PLN for nothing :frowning: so sad


@JB.Scopely where is the coins and league tokens i used to upgrade my Andrea before you decided to take her away!?!?!?! You got no problem keeping my money @JB.Scopely @JB.Scopely @JB.Scopely


This actually my first post in the forums and I will probably get blasted for this, however I have to say although not ideal, Scopely handled this “Adreagate” debacle better than I expected they would. I should make it clear that I was affected. I jumped all over the opportunity to level and upgrade her, in fact, I maxed her out to a T4-6*. I used coins, league tokens, trainers and real money to do so.

At first, I thought, well, maybe you don’t need comics until she becomes a legend, but quickly realized something was wrong but I took a chance and kept going. I figured that they would fix it eventually but not penalize the “lucky ones” of which I have never been, but penalize the rest who were not in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the bug which is what they normally do.

When my Andre was reset and there was no simultaneous refund of all I had spent on her, I was furious and nearly rage quit. I sent numerous “not so nice” messages to support. I expected that they would not respond until after the holiday weekend and that they would give everyone some “ bullshit blanket “ compensation.

While it did take entirely too long by normal professional businesses standards, they sent out the refund packages quickly by Scopely standards. They did not replace exactly what I used and they did not refund any money that I spent, however they did give me what I will need to get a yellow ascendable toon from brand new to a fully maxed out 6*.

I still feel that they would have been much better served to just turn Andrea into a truly free gift for joining the club that everyone could get and upgrade normally and then introduce a new toon that needed the comics, however what they did do was fair. No, what they gave me does not have the same value technically speaking as what I used but it was my decision to use resources and trainers to level a toon that could have been used better somewhere else.


Edit the cursing and bull**** like that. So as to not give them an excuse to simply ■■■■■■ your message. Fully agree with you, have seen many players leaving after Scopely’s new update…

Personally? I have never used real money on a mobile game. Not a single penny. Sure, there are some awesome games out there that I got thanks to some gift cards given to me A.K.A Rebuild3 and Plague Inc to name a few. Don’t really want to spend money on something like cosmetics or say… short cuts to reach the top.

Just, it doesn’t go well with me. Don’t really look down nor do I criticize people who WANTS to spend their money. Hell, they can spend thousands in the game. It doesn’t matter… or, well. It used to not matter.

Before… you could pay to get more cans, more CHANCES to get toons, more… well. Everything. Anything you could buy was possible to obtain if you were either lucky or guaranteed to get it by ■■■■■■■■ just time in the game. Mostly was with coins which was fine and some offers for gear that cost ? Those were fine too in my eyes. Then, they actually put PRICES on 6* and began given them if you pay 74 or 4$.

It went from Pay to get a CHANCE to win… to be simply Pay to Win. Now, no matter what you do. How lucky or how often you log in. Someone will just instantly pay to get a 100% the toon they want. I know guys who spend 200$ and got nothing but 4* back in the day before they implemented the “guaranteeed 5* each 40 openings” not long ago. Many people spend more than that and didn’t get what they wanted either…

Anyway. People would have been more inclined to buy coins if they made the survivors club cost COINS and not money like it was netflix or spotify. People would be able to get in by saving coincs OR by doing what they have been doing so far and buy coins with real money. But that is just my unpopular opinion.

Pay to get things faster was okay, but to make it so only those that pay can get on the top is bullshit. Have been playing this game since it came up. Have a 874 day streak too… and my team is AVERAGE. Good to take most teams even with revives and human shields(unless they have yellow abs def). Mostly because I haven’t had much luck with the 6* toons. No humans shields nor revive toons yet. This comes from someone who haven’t spend. Ever. If I was lucky like some of my friends? Like that guy who got himself MAGNA on one pull? Or maybe my other friend who got three humans shields at the same time?

Ugh. Too much words. Either way. Just know I agree with you.


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The whole thing is ridiculous. Why only tie this to ONE toon for the life of the subscription? Each month should be a different toon and by the end of that month you should have enough gear acquired to max them if you complete the proper roadmaps/events. If they did it this way, they would definitely ensure that they would have a steady flow of happy subscribers instead of angry customers. Why should it take someone MONTHS if not a year to attain the gear required for her if she will be outdated in a few months?


Yeah. Told my faction she’s most effective in a double shield lineup. That way it’d take advantage of taunt and the rest of her kit. Definitely not a leader toon.