Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


I don’t spend this ‘offer’.

If I look to the big players in the buisness, we get a nearly nothing for the money.

f. e.

  • Server structure. We said it a lot. Nothing happens. Latency beyond the 8secs.

  • Obviously not fixing bugs. Look at the terris and crushing.

  • Obviously fixing ‘bugs’. Michone Gate, Pam Gate. Interesting, that they can work very fast.

  • Imbalancing. The idea behind of in-app/-game purchases was to make a fast progress to get things, that are playable to get. Look at the premier wheel and f. e. 5* wheel.

  • Ignoring suggestions and feedback.

  • Scopleys silence.

and so on… there are so many things.

So, dear Scopely, why in the hell should we spend on this every month? Without a real dialoge between your humans that make possible to pay your bills and you Scopely you get nothing from me.




Then dont pay, and just stick to your usual regime, being FTP or semi FTP


I am p2p my friend.


That last one I can answer for you. (You can preview the roadmap.) You get 3 bags with comics from the roadmap. 1 from each act. The possibilities are x2, x3, or x4. So you’ll get a minimum of 6 comics if you do the whole thing. The other questions I’d love to know for sure as well. I have my assumptions of course; 19 (based on Tara), and every Wednesday.

But something official would be appreciated.


19 means 4 weeks as a worst case scenario (and 3 weeks as realistic scneario) which means max in 1 month. this leads to an assumprion of 1 new toon per month (or else why renew once Andrea is T4). If that’s the case, it doesn’t sound bad. which means it isn’t the case :frowning:


Haha. You think they are going to give out a new toon a month for $25. I think not.


Me neither, notice I said “this won’t be the case”. That’s why I think it will be more than 19…

But if it’s too much, no one will subscribe for a toon u max after 4 months. So we’ll see


A good idea to keep players spending may be a remove of the 4* chars from the wheels for club members :thinking:


Delete this from the patchnotes:

Fixed issues that would cause Territory battles to reload the game.


Did I miss a post where it said the free trial was delayed?


Yes. JB just posted we could join 8am PT.


Any official word on how many comics it will take to max andrea yet? @JB.Scopely could you please shes some light on this instead of ignoring it.


You’ll see in few hours.


No you won’t. you will only see how many are needed from 5* T1 to 5* T2 and maybe T3


the only benefit to me is Andrea and kinda the daily pulls, not sure if it’s gonna worth it, but as someone mentioned earlier “just give it a try”




It would be nice to know if you will be able to get andrea ready before she is completely irrelevant.


24,99$ a MONTH? Not even a year? Even if it WAS a year… HELL NAW.

Xbox gives you game pass for a month for only 9,99$… and with that you can play ANY Xbox 360 and like 50 Xbox One games(Xbox exclusives like halo are in there for Xbox One and gear of War) with the only limit being your hard drive space.

But… this? 24,99$ a month? For what? For a Pay to Win head start? If this isn’t Pay to Win then I do not know what it is… wasn’t there a new Law that made it so a online game must not have such short cuts with pay to win after the whole debate with EA in many countries?

No, don’t even get me started on the “no team cost”. Does that mean people WON’T be able to get to the top without buying this? What, some toons in the future are going to cost way more than normal toons and only those that pay are gonna be able to get a overpowered team to use them?

This… this is the worst. Even if that was not the case… this is bad.

It would have been a little more acceptable if they made it so team club costed coins. Which we can actually try and farm now. But, no. They want real money. No respect for the community what so ever.

P.S. Then we have the new Andrea. People will get her but will be the same as the Prestige Michonne. At least with prestige michonne we know one day we will get her to tier 4… which by now is kinda a worthless. Seeing as 5* prestige michonne isn’t even useful nor ascendable now and people who just started the game can get a 6* in a year time. So, yeah. Probably will be able to get that Andrea to 6* but then you will need a special item that isn’t the comics to level her. Probably. Very possible. Which the item would be available once every two weeks and will give you like ONE of them items and Andrea 6* will need three to go into tier 2.

Either way. Membership? Biggest disrespect to underdogs out there.


I just wanna say for everyone saying “it’s only $25” What about the $10 monthly on top? Still offers?Raid offers? Misc offers? Add all that shit up and then talk. Anyone saying well they gotta keep the lights on… if they really need more then 10,000’s of people spending 80+ a month,they’re doing something wrong.


Or something right, which is getting money from minimum effort and blind fools who don’t really know how hard it is to obtain money. Scopely’s just milking the community ignoring every single complain and just going towards getting more and more money. But, on the positive side. If they implement this membership thingy then you would be able to demand them after the laws passed thanks to EA’s Battlefront about pay to win games and casino games.