Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Doubt you will be able to buy the comics for her unless Scopely is that desperate.


If they lowered the price then I’d sub. £25 for low par bonuses suck.


Lol her title’s different now. The new title makes me less confident she’ll be under triple-digit investment now


Subscription edition vs survivors club…


It’ll take same amount of comics as flares for Tara. Comic roadmap resets weekly, best case scenario you get 12 a week.


Well crap. I have 2 5* Tara the highest is t2. Have enough to t3 one, but only need 3 more earrings for the 6* lmao


I hope they seriously rethink there price because they are going to loose a lot of people over this


I got the update but the option to try the 7 day trial isn’t there. Strange.


They are waiting till everyone has the update available


Maybe I missed this somewhere. I tried to read it over enough times. Is there any info on how long the trial will be available? No, I’m not a dumbass I know it lasts 7 days. I’m asking if the trial is going to always be there till you buy your first month and if it can be initiated at any date or if it’s going to literally only be possible for the first seven days of the Survivors Club launch.


They didn’t say but the assumption is that it’ll be available until you use it like the new player deals


Lose * /…


Gonna correct more? Pretty sure I saw another error or 2 in the same statement.


That’s a dangerous game to play with scopely


Lmfao yep



I’ve updated the original announcement to include the patch notes for the latest 18.0.2 update that rolled out earlier.

The Survivors Club should be switched on, and accessible for all players, starting today at 8am PT.

Free trial won’t work

I thought this would be good but it’s a waste of money, you still need tape polishing kits for weapons so pointless for most players, I don’t need food or wood have more than I could every use, 1 pull a day with no stacking pointless again, so the only benefit really other than Andrea is the 100 cap which is nice but you wouldn’t pay £25 a month for that sigh


And what about answering some of the pressing questions players have brought up before we sign up there?


Why don’t you guys just try it out for a couple of days. If you don’t like it. Cancel. End of story… No drama.


There has been no word about Euro prices yet. Trying it out for a couple of days also does not tell me how many comics we need for Andrea to be fully leveled up, aswell as how many times they do the roadmap and how many comics we will get there.

I’m not spending money when all I got are mere assumptions.