Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


I’m gonna definetely sign up…and then I’m gonna wipe out all the whinging crybabies here…but I will have company coz this sounds exciting…

CAN’T WAIT…Woooooooooooo


This is the part where I laugh at people who will spend $25 just to:

°get double wood and food production (will make raiding them so much more easier and they will grow lazy of raiding and fall in rep)

°get pissed when repeatedly pulling 4* characters from free pulls

°Won’t be able to level up their human shield at their own pace, so scopley can make sure they stay subscribed

°When they still have to do the 4* parts roadmap cause they need ductapes and Polish kits.

So not jealous or angry about survival club anymore.


Any update when live ?


@JB.Scopely any ETA for update?


So this Andrea gonna be the new Tara 19/24 comic books

That’s over 5 months of doing that roadmap weekly over 125dollars for the toon “cough cough” pay2win for pixels


Gonna cost about 19/25 comic books from 5 star to 6 star over 5 months 125 dollars :dollar:


But they need people to keep the subscription so limited the comic books Is ideal


What a surprise ! This free shield is in fact overpriced as hell … :man_facepalming:

@JB.Scopely dont you think its a bit petty to call that a f2p shield ?


Any news i haven’t read?


Any screenshots?


Maybe he meant to say “Fee Shield”.


Wait, so we need Comic books to get her to 6* ??

Then comics for each 6* tier? Wow


Yes She is same as Tara with the flares


Ugh… what the fuck…


Yes right away


Oh come on you guys should know that 1 comic book would be sold for $99 only.
P2W needs some satisfaction to keep spending.


Yep it’s like temporary boost think of it as a territory you hold for an hour


Should be out soon. She’s in the ascension tower now


Looks like the update is finally coming. Andrea is out in the monument, there is a bag in shop for the roadmap, now just gotta wait for someone to end up posting how many comics it takes to get her.


these are 100 pieces for $ 99 apiece? :wink: