Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Free Andrea here I come.
~every single player

Scopely, you realize that once everyone has the same thing–there won’t be any real advantage for anyone right? Widening the gap since 2015. :+1:

Just going to be Whales getting fatter and everyone else living the life for about 6 days haha.


If they are smart, they would make Andrea gear easily availble. The biggest mistake they can make is making us wait 3-6 months to get her up to speed.


Would certainly help in the long run. They’d get more sales if they make it take maybe a month or 2 (preferably 1 month).


LOL Best Quote ever


So far I don’t think the exclusive roadmaps in beta portray what will be in them in live other then the Special edition comics which will be used to upgrade Survivor club Characters (you get a bag per stage that has 2,3 or 4 comics in it), That being said. I’m not sure this is worth 25 a month even with the super special shield, single pulls haven’t paid out for me in the past plain and simple. Of the free singles ive done in beta I’ve had the game reset on half the regions as soon as I pulled and all of them came out 4*s.

And Since Beta has the survival club testing- I’d like to note I don’t see andrea in any of my beta rosters. lol


you should make a token just for the PR pulls so we can save them up. Single pulling is garbage.


They could just give us 250 Coins a Day. That way, we could pull from the Wheel we want, when we want.


Une véritable honte. De quoi encore creuser l’écart entre ceux qui payent et les free. En plus des personnages tous les avantages à côtés… Vous allez tuer le jeux et perdre du joueur


good luck. I played this game for over 3 years and I am increasingly disappointed with it.


Scopely knows no bounds.

Next FEATURE SPOTLIGHT will be making a new app called the walking dead road to survival plus+. Where more of the player wants will be there at a cost of 99.99 to pay to download the app.

Screw the free to play!


@JB.Scopely will never answer how much time it will take because it would drive people off of subscribing.

The thing we need to know it’s how many comics we need to take her to max her out. They didn’t give her on Beta with the sole purpose to keep everyone in the dark.

Maybe when she gets released someone can hack and find out how many comics it’s needed for her to be maxed.

We are still to see the reset rate of the special roadmap. Will it be daily, weekly or monthly?

With all that info we can make pretty educated guess on how much it will take to max her out.

I wouldn’t also be surprised if the 25 bucks was just a 1 time thing and after the first month they bump the price up.

At this point, we can expect anything from Scopes.


They will sell the comics in the shop so whales can get her faster.


I can’t personally see them doing it as it would make the subscription redundant.
They want to lure everyone in with the process of a unique character and keep you spending by not giving any form of advancement besides the subscription.


Scopley holds a meeting. The manager chairs the meeting and says

Profits are down. Complaints are up. Active player base who needs that crap. So folks how do we make more money for this quarter?

Marketing says let’s have another subscription as they made lots of money with in first 6 months of release.

Development says we will need to top current offerings.

Concept and design say pass the bottle of vodka! Copy presitege and double up all the rewards!

Boss sounds great! Keep up the good ideas and for gods sake some one pick up Fred off the floor. We hired him to balance the game and all he does is drink, laugh really loudly, then cry, and pass out. ’


Been nice with 1 premiere pull a day giving me nothing but 4 stars.


Sorry to disappoint you all but highly doubt you’d be able to level HS Andrea any time soon. You get to keep her when canceling your subscription which is obviously something Scopley doesn’t want you to do… Think prestige Michonne…


So, I can only join the free trial in a beta region… Can I still send Andrea and get all the other stuff to my main region?




the update is live? not yet


500 replies later and this is still a terrible idea.