Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Hard for her to be desirable when she will be unusable for 4 months.


4 months is that officially confirmed?


no, people know shit at the moment and are assuming all kind of outcomes.


Amen brother


Maybe the Best its set survival club free 4 all one weekend, without subscribing and later Who want the sub Will buy it

FREE human shield its not free except you “subscribe”


As a devil’s advocate response, we have a 2% chance at getting an ascendable on any given pull, right? 1% for 6*, 1% for ascendable 5*. 1+1=2. So ON AVERAGE, that’s one successfully pulled ascendable or ascended toon every 50 days. That’s $42.61 per toon or a little more than what it currently costs to do a ten pull out of pocket. That seems reasonable to me. If I really want a toon, I start out with a 40 pull. Lol.

I know that odds aren’t draconian and don’t exactly work that way - by definition there’s luck involved - and some people will have better results and some will have worse. I actually happen to think that most will do better than those odds considering that we’ve seen Scopely’s willingness to do double odds sometimes as well.

That figure is assuming that you don’t like anything else about the subscription including the OP Andrea and the free weapons crafting. Again, I’m not telling YOU what to do, but I am thinking aloud on my calculus for buying the subscription.


I like Andrea but ONLY if it takes 2, max 3 months to max her, otherwise she’ll be useless to me.

I know odds remain the same be it a single or a 40 pull but I just dont like the idea of single pulls, at least if they stacked you could be disapointed once in a month rather than daily.


Lol. I feel that. I saved up 20 5* token pulls once. Also, I believe the odds do increase on bigger pulls

See small print. I know that may does not equal does, but in my personal experience…


yeah ive seen that but it’s just as shady a statement as everything they do. May improve…it’s like saying that drinking apple juice as part of a healthy diet may improve your immune system :wink: it may or it may very well not


Now I’m gonna be honest 25 bucks for a 6* shield is SOOOO much more worth then doing a 10 pull in premier recruits… I mean you even get a total of 30 pulls in there for the same price. This deal is worth it. I think the issue was that it was said to be a free human shield.


The issue is that we suppose its gonna take 3 or more or whatever months to tier her up.
Unless you wanna use a 5* T2/3 shield ? :thinking:

So its more 25$ for a barely released already outdated 5*.
100$ or more for a decent 6*.

We shall wait n see for more details as JB stated.


Well that is correct. Completely depends if we have to spend 25 just for enough gear to T4 6*. If it goes over 50 I’m skippin.


lmao… awesome


There wont be more details. They won’t admit how long it will take to get the gear because people won’t subscribe if it takes longer then 2 months.


I dont want to subscribe if it takes longer than a month lol


I believe it will all depend on how much characters they are going to release through the club.

If they release one a month, than gear will be more readily available. But if Andrea is the only one for the time being, I guess that it may take a while to max her.

It will also depend on how long the exclusive gear maps take to reset. Since the gear will only be available through completion of said roadmap. And we can bank on having the RNG aspect to the crate awarded upon completion.

I believe they will cram the crate with all sorts of garbage just to make it harder for people to obtain the necessary gear.

But exercising a little bit of common sense you can see that she won’t come cheap. Based on the price of the characters they sell through the offers, the cheapest they sold was at around 75 bucks. So, Andrea will never come cheaper than that. It would be a no brainer for all who spend. Someone said that Scopley values their premier recruits, at launch, at around 300 - 400 dollars.

Doing a quick math, you can see it would cost an annual subscription to max her.

Let’s wait for @JB.Scopely to shed some light on the topic.


Where is the value in months 2, 3, 4,…? Will they continually give out a free toon every so often? Because after initially getting Andrea, and how ever long it takes to get her tiered up, there isn’t much substance to continually spend $25 a month on. Or am I missing something?


You get to say that you payed $25 dollars to be in a club.


Whats the point of hiding it ?
We will see by ourselves when this abomination goes live so no need to be shady about it … unless it really is a dirty trap and JB is ashamed to confess !


The point of hiding it is to get people to subscribe. Yes some will back out after the realization that the gear will take time to get but others will stay committed and that’s when the next toon will be available.