Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


If you play multible regions, how many of those regions will you get the shield andrea on? the first region your on when you sign up for club, or all your regions? (not seen this question asked so figure its worth asking)


Pretty safe to say only 1 per subscription.


Sir. @JB.Scopely
Would you be so kind as to confirm if that Andrea was the human shield to which I referred that very soon would you give?
What happens is that for many F2P and / or sporadic spenders it does not benefit us at all to have to be subscribed to something monthly in order to receive a human shield. I’m honest the whole community thought that the character was going to be free something like Solange. Confirm if that is or is another human shield that will be given.


That’s it? How are yall expecting people to buy this subscription without telling us what we are buying.
Idk about other people but I like to know what im buying before paying. Ridiculous answer.


Just to clarify @JB.Scopely we will be able to get the andrea maxed as a 5* but will need to purchase the survivors club to max her as a 6*? Or is she like tara and we need special gear to tier her as a 5*?

Also if we use gift cards rather than a credit card will that work? or does it have to be a credit card?


1 thing I’ve learned about scopley is when the answer to a question doesn’t hurt scopely they answer it. When it will upset players they dodge it. My interpretation of “more specific details” is it will take at least 4 months to max her out. That’s 100.00 which is the going rate for newer ascendable in offers.


I’m here since 2 or 3 months algo, but the answer of scopely… Literaly is this


Says the guy who spent over 1000 on one erika


But you are top 100 in your orginal region


I want to work for scopely. Comes on right before end of his shift and gives one vague response and done for the day…

The information you gave us today doesn’t make me want to buy this membership anymore than yesterday. Doing a single pull a day of absurd… I can see the numerous posts made from subscribers about the constant stream of 4 stars. Just so dumb on so many levels.


U still need dt and pk. That had already been answered


This is probably why most players won’t buy it. Single pulls are useless.


I don’t understand how anybody that read the release could have not understood. It CLEARLY stated that you get a free ASCENDABLE 5* shield but that you must remain a member in order to get the special gear to ascend her. It was really straightforward. I hope that this helps.

As an aside, I don’t know why anybody would think or want everybody to get such an OP toon for free. If everybody got it, we’d all have to face it every raid, lol. If it’s the best toon the game has introduced so far, it’s going to cost money to get.


So the system is auto flagging my posts? So confused… Oooh, that one worked! I had posted: I didn’t spend OVER $1000, I spent EXACTLY $1000 for Erika… What do I look like, a mo ron?


Pay now, ask questions later I guess :joy:


I’m on iTunes and if I set my payment method to None, and I have iTunes balance, everything comes from that balance. Not my card or anything, as they don’t have permission at that stage to use my details.

So if you have enough in your google play/iTunes account, it will take it from there first. If not, it will take what’s there then ask for another payment method.


Yes, you do. For spending 1000 dollars on a Pixelated toon. You do look like what you questioned.


That was the joke. Very. Very. Very. Obvious. It’s like I’m talking to 7 year olds in here


I think it’s a good deal for $25 a month but I won’t be buying it I spend when I want something not coz I will be at a severe disadvantage if I don’t.

Problem for me is I play 3 accounts on three different devices so for me to reep benefits I would have to pay $75 a month and $900 a year and to me that’s a bit steep.


In general, the only thing that makes this club desirable is Andrea. 2x wood and food? its OK but nothing exciting, 1 premier pull a day - good luck with getting anything, especially as they dont stack, additional roster space? the whales would have bought it already but it’s not worth to pay 25 a month just for that. And if Erika takes a year to get her then I highly doubt it even whales will subscribe to it.

the only way to salvage this club is for a card to be given out every month.