Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


About what exactly?


About pizza


Those bastards!


i would ask if it could be brought for a year but i don’t think this game has another year


Do ya really wanna hear about their pizza pancakes? Maybe that’s why we’ve heard nothing this morning yet. It’s rude to talk with your mouth full.


Only questions without answer are :

  • How long will it take to get the gear required to ascend Andrea and maxed her? (posted 3 days ago)
  • Can we save up our daily free pulls (and do them all togeter to maxed out possibilities that something good came up)? (3 days ago)

Honestly , there aren’t other things without answer from JB…am i right?


You can’t in Beta. The timer resets daily.


@docmatix, does the “no cap on roster” also count for scavenger missions?


grabs popcorn


I saw that too


See first post in this thread.


We are all waiting for him Oof



Thank you for your initial feedback on the newly announced Survivors Club.

Answering some of the recurring questions:

  • All of the benefits included in the Membership are ‘region-agnostic’, meaning that they will apply to all regions where you have an existing progression on.

  • The Free Daily Pull doesn’t stack, and needs to be claimed on daily basis not to be missed. You cannot wait say, 3 days, to then accumulate 3 Pulls, as the timer resets on daily basis.

  • When and if players discontinue their Membership, the additional Roster space is instantly lost. You will simply be unable to collect new characters until your roster is brought down to below the maximum allowed (as per usual).

  • More specific details about Members exclusive Roadmaps will be communicated at a later stage.

I will keep on monitoring the thread and answer additional questions if I missed any - thanks!


I think that it all for the moment


All I can say to this is lol…we all should of known when it qas stated a "free " anything would be released that it would have stipulations. Fact is that’s extremely misleading just like the "gold mod boxes but not really gold they might be silver " a free human shield would be. Free …not well here’s a shield If you give us your credit card info and then as along as you continue paying 25$ a month we will provide you gear to actually be able to use this shield. …smh…I honestly Thought this game had started making a turn in the right direction…turns out that won’t happen ever because they will continue to find ways to be misleading to player base until they stop making a profit


@JB.Scopely what about armory,will crafting 100% Free?critical success parts included or just the other parts?


What a joke! Later stage lol! Does that mean you have no idea of what’s going on?

  1. Will the Club members have gear roadmaps to level up normal 6stars which wont be available to non-members?
  2. Will Club members have discounts to buy gear/mods?
  3. Will Club members have special offers not available to the rest?

Those are the questions that need to be answered now and not at a later stage!


It’s meant pretty much as “This is how much SHOULD buy it”


Most likely.

Or perhaps he knows giving away exclusive roadmap details (Andrea taking months to tier up through the roadmaps) would turn the rest of the player base off from becoming an SC member.


Maybe they’re running out of new ways to upset the player base and need to stretch it out a few more days to reach some kinda sadistic quota?